Damp and Anti-Mould Paint

A high quality range of Damp Proof Paint and Anti-Mould Paints which are perfect for decorating rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Our Anti Mould Paint is available in white or can be colour matched to almost any colour.

Benefits of Damp & Anti Mould Paint:

The main benefit of using damp & anti mould paint is that it will protect your home against mould growth, as you’d expect.

Using it in areas like bathrooms and kitchens which are subject to higher moisture levels than other rooms in your home, you are protecting your walls & ceilings against potentially costly repairs in the future. Structural damage caused by mould and damp is especially expensive to fix and should be avoided at all costs. Anti Mould paint won’t always guarantee protection from this but it will certainly help.

Preventing mould growth and damp patches in your home will make your home a healthier place to live. Severe mould and dampness can cause asthma or allergies or make the effects feel much more severe.

How does Anti Mould Paint work?

Anti mould paint contains microbicides and fungicides which are key ingredients in the fight against mould. Microbicides kill bacteria and viruses and fungicides kill fungi and their spores. These biocidal chemicals not only kill the bacteria, viruses and fungi, they prevent them from growing in the first place. By applying anti mould paint to areas such as your bathroom ceiling, you’ll create a surface in which mould cannot grow. 

You should, of course, try to ensure that areas with a high risk of mould developing are properly ventilated too, but if further ventilation isn’t possible, then anti mould paint is your solution.

We would always recommend using a quality anti mould paint in bathrooms and kitchens and we have listed the best ones below.

The Best Anti Mould Paints:

We offer Damp & Anti Mould paints in many different brands including Leyland Trade, Johnstone's, Zinsser & Tikkurila giving you plenty of options when choosing your paint.

Zinsser Anti Mould Paint An extremely high quality anti mould paint, the Zinsser Perma-White comes in ready mixed white or is available for colour match in Matt & Satin finishes. Supplied in either 1L, 2.5L or 5L tins there’s a paint size that will suit any size of project you are undertaking.

The Zinsser Perma-white is a Class 1 Scrubbable paint which gives ultimate durability and contains a biocide that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation. The paint film is designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 7 years before first maintenance.

Tikkurila Luja Paint - Available in three different finishes, the Tikkurila Luja paint is ideal specifically for bathrooms & wall tiles. It has been specially designed with an anti-mould agent which makes it a perfect option for areas with high humidity and poor ventilation.

It has also been formulated to withstand relentless cleaning with hospital grade detergents meaning it can be used for more specialist projects.

Leyland Trade Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell - A high quality trade paint, with a mid-sheen finish. Perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens as it is extremely tough, stain & moisture resistant.

Can be used on interior woodwork & walls & ceilings and is made from high quality pigments and a very tough acrylic resin. The water-based eggshell dries quickly, minimising any disruption caused by decorating and leaves little to no odour.

All these products are available to colour match into almost any colour you wish as well as brilliant white.

Where is best to use Damp & Anti Mould Paint?

As you would expect any damp & anti mould paint is best to use in areas that are subject to damp, moisture or high levels of humidity. The most common rooms to use them are in bathrooms and kitchens.

Is Anti-Mould Paint Safe?

These paints will often feature microbicides and fungicides which are used to fight mould. You will find some of these components in many other products you use in your home.

The majority of properties in anti-mould paint are also found in standard emulsion paints meaning they are extremely safe to use.

Can you paint over mould with anti mould paint?

For the best results, you shouldn’t paint directly over mould without treating the affected area first. If you have an existing mould patch, you should first clean and treat the area using a mould killing product such as Zinsser Mould Killer. Once dry, you can then paint over the affected area to prevent the mould from growing back.