Vintage Wallpaper

A fashion forward category with all our retro lovers in mind, our collection of stylish vintage wallpapers are made from a wide variety of designs including floral, geometric and damask designs. 

Vintage Wallpaper

Take a step back in time with our collection of stylish vintage wallpapers. Perfect for creating a statement feature wall or displaying throughout an entire room for maximum impact, these old fashioned wallpaper designs are a fabulous way of adding colour and character to a space.

Popular Vintage Wallpaper Patterns

Some vintage wallpapers are instantly recognizable and remain incredibly popular in both modern and traditional home even today. Amongst these, some of the most popular vintage patterns include:


Probably the most recognizable pattern when it comes to vintage wallpapers, flowers remain incredibily popular amoungst these stylish designs. Featuring a wide range of patterns including large-scale patterns and symmetric designs, floral vintage wallpapers are sure to continue to be a popular choice in homes.

Top Picks: Vintage Floral Wallpaper Ochre & Crown Camille Floral wallpaper.


Known for it's opulence and luxury, damask patterns continue to be a popular feature when it comes to vintage wallpapers. With simple geometric shapes displaying throughout the stylish design, damask vintage wallpapers are ideal for putting your own stamp in a space.

Top Picks: Vasari Bellini damask wallpaper & Amara Damask Printed wallpaper Green/Gold.


Geometric designs are typical for vintage wallpapers. Featuring intricate designs and statement patterns, these patterns are perfect for using on eye catching feature walls to create an instant impact.

Top Picks: Retro Geometric Grid Wallpaper

How To Hang Vintage Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper doesnt have to be stressful, and with two quick and easy wallpaper applications to choose from, you'll be sitting back and admiring your work in no time. To help make things hopefully a little bit easier, we've pulled together a super easy to follow "How to Hang Wallpaper" blog post, talking you through each individual step and letting you know all of our top tips and tricks.

Where Can I Hang Vintage Wallpaper In My Home?

Due to it's wide variety of designs, vintage wallpaper is suitable for hanging through a number of rooms within our homes. Some of our favourite places to find a vintage wallpaper includes:

Living Room

Adding a charming and timeless effect to your living room, vintage wallpapers are a great choice for this popular room. Whether it be a floral or damask style you go for, vintage wallpapers are ideal for displaying on statement feature walls or throughout an entire space.


The perfect room for a dreamy vintage floral wallpaper. Displayed on your headboard wall to create a stylish statement, vintage wallpapers are a great way to provide a warm and cosy feel to your bedroom.

Ways to Use Vintage Wallpaper In Your Home

There are a number of ways you can add a stylish vintage wallpaper to your home whether that be through small touches or big statement look.

Create a statement accent wall

Accent feature walls are a great way to create an impact. If you arent ready to display your favourite vintage wallpaper across all your walls, feature walls are the perfect way to add an interesting focal point, without completely overpowering your room of choice.

Go for a Vintage Ceiling

Create the ultimate touch of drama to your home through adding a vintage wallpaper to your ceiling. Adding a touch of personality and style, we think this look would look beautifully displayed throughout a living room, bedroom or dining area.

Where Can I Buy Vintage Style Wallpaper?

You can buy a wide variety of Vintage Wallpaper directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred design, add it to your basket and continue to the checkout page. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.