Wall Panelling Paint

So your dream panel wall is complete and it's time to search for the perfect wall panelling paint? You're in luck, we've pulled together some of our best rated products from Zinsser AllCoat to Leyland Hardwearing Matt for a truly professional finish when painting panelling.

Wall Panelling Paint

With wall panelling as popular as ever, we think it's time to make choosing your panelling paint much easier. We have pulled together all the paint that is suitable to be used when painting your wall panelling whether it's wood or plastic panelling.

Panelling is most commonly used in bedrooms or living areas but can also be applied on stairways and in hallways. In you are looking for panelling inspiration, we recommend checking out our Instagram page or Panelling Ideas and Inspiration blog. Here we have curated our favourite panelling designs and colours from our customers to help you decide how to panel your home.

What wall panelling paint is best to use?

With so many paints available to choose from when it comes to panelling, it can become a little bit overwhelming when choosing the perfect one. So with that being said some of our top recommendations include:

Zinsser AllCoat - Like the name suggest, Zinnser AllCoat can be used on almost all surfaces including wall panelling. Super scrubbable and hardwearing, this water based paint is available in all 3 finishes and also includes the added bonus if you’re painting more than just the panelling (such as the radiators, windows, walls etc) then this works out as a really fantastic choice to get value for money.

Johnstone's Acrylic Durable Matt - Offering a class 1 scrub rating and suitable for using on walls and woodwork, the Johnstone's Durable Matt paint provides a beautifully smooth matt finish. Also available in Eggshell , this colour match paint is highly durable and provides a tough finish resistant to condensation, yellowing and most household stains. 

Read Our Favourite Products To Use When Painting Panelling blog for more information. 

Do i need to prime MDF before applying wall panelling paint?

Yes, MDF is a super porus surface and without using a primer your surface can end up with a really uneven finish. To achieve a beautifully prepped surface we recommend using the Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat .

Is it best to use a roller or brush when applying wall panelling paint?

When painting panelling we usually recommend using both options. If you have grooves in your panelling, a paintbrush is usually easier to get to those harder to reach areas, whilst a roller is a great choice for using on the flatter and larger surface areas. A lamb's wool  or lime series roller are the best options for achieving the best looking finish on your wooden surfaces.

Wall Panelling Paint Bundle

Unsure on how to get started with your wall panelling? Why not watch our How to Panel YouTube tutorial providing you a step by step guide on how to achieve the on trend look. We even offer a great value Wall Panelling Bundle which gives you all the tools you need to get started from adhesive, filler to roller frames and sanding paper.