Osmo Country Shades

Inspired by the elements of nature, Osmo Country Shades features a collection of 120 stunning exterior paint colours that provide your wooden surfaces with a beautifully stylish satin finish and a high level of coverage.

Osmo Country Shades

Inspired for the four main elements of nature; air, earth, fire and water, Osmo Country Shade is brought to you by one of the leading woodcare protection specialists Osmo.

Available in 120 stunning colours, this exterior wood paint provides your surfaces with the highest UV resistance and a beautifully stylish satin finish. Delivering an extremly high level of coverage ( 26m² per litre with just one coat), that won't crack, peel or flake overtime, Osmo Country Shades requires no primer and can also be mixed into any custom colour of your choice.

Osmo Country Shades - Colour Match

Yes you read that right, we are so excited to bring you Osmo Country Shades - Colour Match. Not only avilable in 120 bespoke colours, we are also able to offer a range of tinted colours including RAL, NCS & BS colours.

How to apply Osmo Country Shades

Before application can begin, it is important to ensure that your wooden surface of choice is clean, dry and frost-free. Previously applied paints and lacquers must be completely removed and we always recommend testing out a trial application to ensure you are happy with the colour and finish.

When applying Osmo Country Shades we recommend using the Osmo Flat Brush or a high quality Microfibre Roller. To achieve a beautiful even finish, apply thinly along the natural wood grain and spread well. Ensure that you leave up to 10-12 hours for your surface to dry.

How many coats of Osmo Country Shades should i apply?

For the best results, we recommend applying 2 coats of Osmo Country Shades.

What types of wooden surfaces can I apply Osmo Country Shades to?

Osmo Country Shades have been designed to use on exterior woodwork. Suitable for using on a wide range of surfaces, some examples include windows, window shutters, fences, pergolas, garden furniture and garden sheds.