Dulux Paint

With a rich heritage in decorating, Dulux continues to lead the way as the UK's leading paint brand. With an extensive range of colour and finishes available, Dulux provides the products needed to achieve the highest level of results, including Dulux Trade and Dulux Heritage. Buy Dulux paint with Decorating Centre Online.

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Dulux Paint

As the UK’s leading paint brand, Dulux not only offers a wealth of products and finishes to help you decorate your home both externally and internally, they also offer over 1,200 Dulux paint colours to choose from and provide the expert knowledge you’ll need to achieve the highest level of your results. From standard walls to statement feature walls, and from cupboards to garden fences and sheds; there are so many ways in which the Dulux paint colour range can be applied, both at home, in commercial settings and in public buildings.

Dulux Trade

With an extensive collection of Dulux Trade products available here at DCO, Dulux Trade paints have been designed to tailor to professional users, whilst also ensuring that the end user receives enhanced performances and the highest level of results possible. With a higher quality of raw materials being used in Dulux Trade paints, this advanced paint not only covers much easier and quicker, it also provides a superior surface appearance, whilst also saving professional decorators both time and money right from the start of any new project. You can also discover the Dulux Heritage range which features 112 luxurious colours available in a velvet matt finish.

Some of our Dulux Trade product recommendations

For your walls and ceilings look no further than two of our favourite Dulux paint products, Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt and Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Paint.  

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt - Providing your wall with exceptional coverage, this water based paint delivers a high quality finish, high opacity and a smooth, easy application. This Dulux Trade paint is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Paint - With its superior durability, this stain resistant paint is perfect for using in high traffic environments that require frequent cleaning. Featuring stain repellent technology, this smooth matt finish paint protects your walls against knocks and scuffs, helping them to withstand the daily wear and tear of everyday life. 

For all your exterior painting needs, check out:

Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior Wood & Metal Paint - This multi surface paint is perfect for using on exterior uPVC, wood and metal surfaces. A quick drying paint, Dulux Weathershield does not require a primer and delivers up to 6 years of guaranteed protection. This Dulux paint also provides a weatherproof paint film which is not only flexible but is also mould resistant and rainproof.  

Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry - This exterior Dulux paint is suitable for using on external brickwork, concrete and rendering. Developed with improved mould & algae protection, Dulux Trade Weathershield provides excellent opacity and coverage, and provides your exterior surfaces with up to 15 years guaranteed protection. Also featuring an anti-fade technology, this tough and durable paint develops a tough and protective paint film that is shower resistant within 30 minutes. 

Dulux Trade Colour Sampler Tester Pot 

Test your colour before you buy the full thing with our Dulux Trade 250ml tester pot. Designed to be used on interior walls and ceilings, this paint tester pot provides great opacity and a tough wipeable finish. To get the colour you want, simply type in the colour you want us to colour match or select one from our colour palette provided and see the colour on your wall before committing.  

Dulux Heritage 

The Dulux Heritage collection features a collection of luxurious and timeless shades that are suitable for placing in both traditional and contemporary interiors. With 112 paint colours to choose from, Dulux heritage has been created using the finest of ingredients and designed by colour professionals to be used by professionals. To find out more about our Dulux Heritage range and see all the colours that we have available online, just click here.


How long does Dulux paint take to dry?

Dulux paint drying times vary by the type of paint you select. Some of Dulux’s Quick Dry water-based paints can dry in as little as 1 - 2 hours, whereas other Dulux paints can take up to 16 hours to fully dry and be ready for a recoat. Always check the tin or product description and if in doubt, contact us. 

How long does Dulux paint last once opened?

When properly stored, Dulux paint can last up to two years once opened. Make sure the lid is properly sealed and store your paint in a dry, frost-free environment away from direct sunlight.

Is Dulux paint water based?

The majority of Dulux paints are water based, however Dulux does still offer some solvent based paints.