Gloss Paint

Provide your surfaces with a beautiful high shine finish with our range of high quality gloss paint. Available in a wide range of colours, choose from our collection of top brands including Leyland Trade, Dulux and Johnstone's.

Gloss Paint

Is your woodwork needing a bit of a refresh? Shop from our collection of gloss paints suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. With a wide range of products for you to choose from, we have lots of colours available including, white gloss paint, black gloss paint and did we mention we can even colour match gloss paint?

What is Gloss Paint?

Gloss Paint is a paint finish which features a high paint sheen level, meaning that basically it will reflect and bounce light around a room quicker than both eggshell paint and matt paint.

Hardwearing and suitable for using on a range of surfaces including trim and woodwork, gloss paint is known for having a high level of resistance when it comes to scuffs and scrapes and is a great choice for using in higher traffic areas.

Popular Gloss Paint Picks

Leyland Trade Fast Drying Gloss Paint - Suitable for using on both interior and exterior surfaces, the Leyland Fast Drying Gloss paint is easy to clean, quick drying and helps to ensure that your surfaces stay whiter for longer. Choose from a 750ml and 2.5L size tin.

Johnstone’s Aqua Water Based Gloss - Tough, durable and quick drying, the Johnstones Aqua Gloss paint has been specially formulated to give all the characteristics and application of a traditional solvent-based gloss. Available in both brilliant white and black, this professional gloss paint features low odour & low VOC's levels.

Dulux Trade High Gloss Paint - Providing an almost wet like finish, Dulux Trade High Gloss is a solvent based paint and delivers a beautiful high shine every time. Available in a range of sizes including, 1L,2.5L and 5L, Dulux High Gloss paint covers a surface area of 18m² per litre on average.

Where Can I Use Gloss Paint?

Gloss paint can be used on a wide range of areas and surfaces throughout your home. Some of the most popular include:

Bathroom and Kitchens: Easy to clean and known for performing well in high moisture environments, Gloss Paint can help to make a room feel instantly lighter through light being reflected around a space.

Skirting Boards & Banisters: Using gloss paint on interior surfaces such as skirting boards and banisters helps to create a nice contrast against matt walls. 

Exterior Woodworka and Metal: A great choice for your exterior woodwork and metal surfaces, gloss paint helps to keep your colour looking fresh regardless of the weather, offering a stylish and durable look.

How is best to apply Gloss Paint?

Gloss paint is best applied through either a roller or paint brush depending on the surface and area size. Once your surface has been correctly prepared, apply your gloss paint gently and lightly for an overall smooth and professional finish. Apply a second coat if required.