Yellow Wallpaper

Add a touch of sunshine to your interiors, with our stylish range of yellow wallpaper. Providing a feeling of warmth to any room, our yellow wallpapers feature everything from mustard to pastel shades, helping to inspire a perfect new look.

A joyful and playful colour, Yellow wallpaper is the perfect colour for inviting a burst of sunshine into your home. 

With varying shades available from a beautifully soft pastel yellow to a bold and bright mustard yellow, we have something to suit every home interior. Use yellow shades to add brightness to your bedroom, living room and hallway and with a range of different styles and patterns, there’s lots to browse and choose from.  If you’re worried a bright yellow might be too much, then don't worry, we have options, why not try our Pinto Dotty Ochre Wallpaper and use as an eye catching feature wallpaper or try out our Elgon Concrete Ochre Wallpaper featuring hint of yellow popping through adding a touch of instant luxury. 

Using yellow wallpaper can instantly make a room feel a lot more positive than it was before, and we guarantee that using these stunning bold wallpapers will make the best kind of impact in your home.