Lining Paper

To prepare a wall for decorating it is often advised that a lining paper is hung before applying wallpaper or paint. At Decorating Centre Online we have an extensive range of professional lining paper in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Lining paper can also be used to improve the energy efficiency of your home as it can be effective at insulating rooms.

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Professional quality lining paper from Erfurt Mav allows you to create a smooth finish on rough or cracked walls. This allows you to wallpaper or paint onto a smooth surface. Available in many different lining paper grades you'll be able to find the lining paper you need.

What is Lining Paper?

Lining paper is a thin sheet of paper which is generally used to prepare a wall before it is decorated. It is suitable for use before either wallpapering or painting and different grades are available.

Generally it is used to mask imperfections on a wall and create a smooth surfaces which is suitable for wallpapering or painting over. If your wall has any hairline cracks in it, often a decorator will prepare the wall with lining paper before undertaking any decorating work.

It is a quicker and potentially cheaper way of creating a surface suitable for decorating rather filling the cracks, waiting for them to dry and then sanding.

Is Lining Paper easy to hang?

Most Lining Papers can be easily and quickly applied to your surfaces through a paste the wall or paste the paper application. Simply apply your lining paper along the guideline and smooth out with a wallpaper brush and trim the ends.

Can you paint on lining paper?

Yes! Lining paper is perfect for providing a beautifully smooth surface that is ideal for painting over. Before applying paint you must ensure that your surface and lining paper are both completely dry. For quality results we recommend using the Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth Lining Paper. 

Should I use lining paper before applying wallpaper to my walls?

This all depends on the conditions of your walls. If your walls have bumps, cracks and other imperfections, then using a lining paper is a great way of achieving a smooth finish before wallpapering. Even if your walls are in good condition, using a lining paper will help to improve the overall quality and help to provide long lasting durability over time. 

Can using lining paper make your room feel warmer?

Using thermal lining paper can help to improve your walls’ insulation,making it harder for heat to pass through. Wallrock Thermal Liner has been specially designed to help insulate your home and significally reduce room warm up times by 65%. For application we recommend using Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive