As a specialist, flexible, acrylic filler, decorator's caulk part of the preparation stage of decorating. Used by both professional decorator's and home DIY experts, caulk is designed to seal gaps and cracks in walls. We offer caulks from different brands including Soudal, Polycell, Red Devil and others.

Our range of decorator's caulk gives great value and quality allowing to complete any project. Designed to seal gaps and cracks in walls and joints, caulk is vital to almost all renovation jobs and our high quality caulks can be bought in box quantities at great prices.

They are ideal for sealing gaps around windows, door, skirting boards and ceiling coving. Caulking material can be over painted easily and can easily be applied using caulking guns.

We offer a range of caulks which are simple to use and are compatible with caulking guns which we also offer.

Is Caulk the Same as Filler?

Caulk and filler do a similar job but are generally used in slightly different situations. Typically you would use filler to fill holes and small damaged areas on flat surfaces. Decorator's caulk is more commonly used on joints, corner and gaps to seal an area between two materials, ie. between walls and skirting boards.