Hallway Wallpaper

Impress your guests and create the ultimate first impression in your home with our stylish hallway wallpapers. With lots of styles and textures for you to choose from, we have lots of hallway wallpaper ideas and inspiration for whatever type of hallway you have in mind.

Hallway Wallpaper

Needing some hallway wallpaper inspiration? Then don't worry we have lots of styles, patterns and prints for you to choose from. 

Searching for a wallpaper for the hallway can be difficult, if it is a large space and with stairs to sometimes contend with, finding the perfect print can often prove tricky. As a hallway is the first room that your guests see, making a good first impression is vital. As hallways can sometime appear as a small and narrow space, they are a great canvas for light and bright hallway wallpaper to make the space appear larger, for example something like Gravity Stone Effect Textured Metallic Wallpaper. With loads of different styles and textures of hallway wallpaper to choose from, we are confident we will have the perfect wallpaper to help your hallway stand out.

For a bold and bright statement wallpaper why not try our Orangutan Jungle Tropica Green Wallpaper to help create an eye catching impact for when your guests enter your home, or to help your house maintain a modern feel, why not try out a more simple and contemporary style wallpaper like our Belgravia San Marino Textured Plain Wallpaper to provide the perfect background for mirrors and wall art.

Should you use wallpaper in a hallway?

Using wallpaper in any case is the perfect way to totally transform a space. Wallpapering a hallway has the ability to look spectacular especially in small areas like thin corridors and hallways where the amount of space is limited and decorating is limited to only your walls. From contemporary, traditional and quirky hallway wallpaper ideas, our collection of wallpapers for the hallway can prove just as impactful as one for a busy living room.

How do you pick wallpaper for your hallway?

Picking a wallpaper for the hallway is an important decision, as normally this wallpaper sets the tone for the rest of your home decor. To create an impact the minute you walk through the door choose an on trend maximalist hallway wallpaper that stand outs. To create a seamless flow throughout your hallway, try selecting a dominant colour in your chosen wallpaper to paint doors, door frames or skirting boards to ensure the colour scheme matches in perfectly. To use our colour matching paint service just click here

Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

Hallway wallpapers are the perfect way to make a big first impression, so we've pulled together some stunning wallpapers for the hallway that will hopefully inspire you to tackle this next DIY project. 

Keep your hallway looking bright - Hallways are known for generally being dark spaces that don't receive a huge amount of light, so this provides you with the perfect opportunity to keep things as light and bright as possible. Wallpapers such as our Linen textured light grey wallpaper and Modern Wood Panel Wallpaper Dove are ideal for brightening up these typically dark spaces. 

Bring the outdoors in - If you're a outdoors lover, then why not introduce some nature inspired wallpapers to your hallway. Floral wallpapers are known for lifting spirits and adding depth and colour to an often forgotten space. Some of our favourites include Oliana Floral Wallpaper Soft Teal and Highgrove Floral Wallpaper Warm Grey. 

Introduce some Wood Effect Wallpaper - If you're like the rest of us and love the look of wall panelling, but quite frankly don't have the time to do it, then why not go for a wood effect wallpaper. Ideal for adding interest and texture to a space, these hallway wallpapers are perfect for providing your space with a warm and contemporary feel. Why not try out our Wood Panel Wallpaper Faux Effect Wallpaper or the Forbidden Fruit Square Panelled Wallpaper.

Make your hallway feel longer with some horizontal stripes - If you have a smaller hallway, a great trick to play is going for wallpaper that feature horizontal stripes helping the space to feel longer and bigger drawing your eye down the hallway. Go for soft and subtle textured patterns and design such as Sahara Textured Mineral Wallpaper Silver and Luciano Plain Beige Wallpaper to elegantly elevate your hallway space. 

Should I choose a neutral or bold design wallpaper for the hallway?

The choice is up to, neutral coloured wallpaper as well as boldly coloured wallpaper are both perfectly fine to have in your hallway. If opting to go for a plainer and neutral coloured wallpaper, we would always recommend choosing a heavyweight finish wallcovering that is scrubbable or extra scrubbable. Similarly, in high-traffic areas such as hallways or stairs, bolder and more heavily designed wallpaper are ideal for hiding the inevitable wear that will happen. A busier design will hide any potential nicks or stains that are more likely to occur.