Marble Wallpaper

Using marble wallpaper is a quick and easy way to refresh your interiors. Each with it's own unique pattern and colour, these marble effect wallpapers are perfect for using in bedrooms & living rooms helping to create the ultimate contemporary look.

Marble Effect Wallpaper

Add a sophisticated touch to your home interiors with our range of stunning marble wallpapers, with an extensive range of styles and colours to choose from, we are sure you will have no problems finding something to suit!

With marble effect wallpaper becoming more and more popular and one of the biggest interior trends of the decade, in our marble wallpaper collection, we have chosen everything from liquid marble wallpaper designs to geometric marble wallpaper prints and have selected a large range of colours including silver, gold, pink, green and blue to name only but a few.

Where can I use marble wallpaper?

Our marble wallpaper designs are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them by themselves on a stand alone feature wall or used mix and matched with other plainer wallpaper designs and paint colours.

They also can be used in a number of different rooms within your home including a bedroom, living room/dining area or even as a fun office print.

Perfect for creating or adding to an already contemporary look, we believe that our faux marble effect wallpaper prints deliver the same impact and results as the real thing, providing that bespoke marble texture for half the price.

Is marble wallpaper easy to hang?

Yes, don't worry. Our collection of marble wallpapers are available in both paste the wall and paste the paper applications, allowing you to hang your favourite wallpaper with ease.

Paste the wall wallpaper - Probably the easier out of the two, paste the wall wallpaper is a quick and easy application method requiring you to simply apply wallpaper adhesive to your wall followed by your wallpaper.

Paste the paper wallpaper - Requiring a little bit more work, but still a quick and easy way to hang your wallpaper, paste the paper wallpaper requires adding paste to the paper and rather than you walls. 

Ready to buy your wallpaper hanging tools, but struggling to know where to start? Here at Decorating Centre Online, we have created a handy wallpaper hanging bundle including everything you'll need to help you get started.

Our top 3 reasons why you'll love marble wallpaper

1.You can pretty much get it in any colour you want - From blue, to green, pink to grey marble wallpaper, there are so many colours you can choose from. The only tough decision you will have is deciding which one will suit your interior style to most.

2. It adds a touch of personality to your space - Marble wallpapers are perfect for bringing personality into a space with just it's look. With lots of different types of patterns and marble designs to choose from, you're sure to be spoilt for choice with our top quality selection. That being said, marble wallpapers are also the perfect wallpaper design for the minimalists out there, who love a really empty but really dreamy and contemporary space!

3. It can work in any room - From a sophisticated living room, to a cool kitchen, our range of marble wallpapers are perfect for placing in any room of your home.

Is marble wallpaper still a popular wallpaper trend in 2022?

Marble wallpaper continues to gain popularity in our homes thanks to it's ever evolving and changing designs, motifs and colours. If you follow wallpaper trends then you'll probably already know that marble wallpaper continues to be a popular interior feature among interior designers and decorators (and in even better news, this beautifully patterned print looks to be going nowhere anytime soon!)

Save on some of our favourite marble wallpaper prints

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Still searching for some inspiration?

Can't find what you're looking for? Don't panic, we have a whole collection of wallpaper for you to browse through, featuring an extensive range of styles including floral wallpaper, geometric wallpaper and jungle wallpaper.

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