Specially formulated to provide superior durability and weather protection for up to 10 years, Granocryl is a high-quality masonry paint from Leyland Paints that also includes a mould resistant formula and an ultra-smooth finish for your exterior walls.

What is Granocryl Paint?

Granocryl paint is a high-quality masonry paint that has been purposely designed to use on exterior render, brickwork, pebbledash and concrete. Available in a range of colourways, this quality water-based masonry paint has been manufactured by Leyland Trade and has been formulated to provide excellent covering power.

How to correctly prepare your surfaces before applying Granocryl Paint

Before applying Grancoryl paint, all surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from grease. If mould or algae are present, treat with Fungicidal wash, remove with a scraper of stiff brush, then treat the surface again with Fungicidal Wash. Any lime wash, distemper or flaking paint should be completely removed. Chalky underbound surfaces should be dry brushed and treated with Stabilising solution as directed.

What are the best methods of application for Granocryl Masonry Paint?

For optimum results when applying this specialist masonry paint, it is recommend that you apply paint evenly by brush, roller or paint pad and avoid overspreading. Ensure that there is good ventilation during application and drying, and that application does not occur in temperatures below 10c, or when rain is imminent.

What colourways of Granocryl Masonry Paint are available at Decorating Centre Online?

Known for our large selection of paint colours, you can choose from, Brilliant White, Magnolia, Black, Red Brick & Grey Skies.

Granocryl Stabilising Solution

Granocryl Stabilising Solution is a high quality primer that has been purposely designed to work on porous, flaky, chalky and powdery surfaces. Offering great adhesion and suitable for using with our range of Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paints, this Stabilising Solution paint is highly penetrating and ideal for sealing porous surfaces.