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Strong, Reliable and Established, Leyland Trade Paint prides itself in producing focused and reliable paint that delivers professional and modern results on a range of different surfaces. A popular choice among professional decorators, Leyland Trade is a great value paint brand which offers quality and choice.

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As a favourite for professionals and decorators, Leyland Trade paint is a high quality brand which is becoming more and more popular. With a strong history of paint manufacturing, Leyland has been supplying decorators with its paint since 1922 and has developed into a household name in the decorating market.

Leyland Trade offers paint in a variety of finishes as well as both interior and exterior paints. This means you'll be sure to find the paint you need in Leyland Trade.

Our Top Leyland Trade Paint Products

Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt - Colour Match - A high quality water-based paint, Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt is the perfect choice for using in living room, bedrooms or home offices. Delivering excellent covering power and the ability to hide imperfections, this matt paint can also be colour matched into your favourite designer colour.

Leyland Trade Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell - Colour Match - Tough, stain and moisture resistant, this Leyland paint is a great choice for using in bathrooms & kitchen, thanks to it's ability to handle extreme condensation. With it's ability to hide imperfection, this Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell is suitable for using on both walls and woodwork.

Leyland Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen - Colour Match - Providing your surfaces with a subtle mid-sheen finish, Leyland vinyl soft sheen delivers a washable and dirt resistant finish. Suitable to be colour matched into your favourite designer colours, this Leyland paint is available in a 2.5L & 5L size tin option. 

Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry Ready Mix - The ultimate exterior paint, Leyland Truguard provides a smooth, durable coating that offers excellent resistance to dirt, weathering & atmospheric pollution. The Leyland Trade Smooth Masonry paint is touch dry within 1-2 hours and is available in a 5L, 7.5L & 10L. 

Leyland Colour Match Paint

A large number of the Leyland Trade Paint is suitable for colour matching and the process has never been so easy. To colour match your favourite Leyland Paint simply type the designer brand and colour into the text box provided or use the available colour palettes to find your perfect pick.

If you're unsure whether we can match to a specific colour just send us an email and we can let you know!

Leyland Paint FAQ's

What type of paint brushes and rollers are going to help achieve the best finish with Leyland Paint? 

Choosing high quality and professional decorating tools is what's going to make the difference when looking to achieve an all round excellent finish with Leyland Trade Paint.

When choosing a paint brush, for the best finish when using water based paints, a high quality synthetic bristled brush is advised.

When it comes to choosing rollers, two options are recommended, Short Pile (if your wall are in good condition and flat, this will provide the best finish) and Medium Pile (A good choice when you are painting over flat or slightly textured surfaces, such as embossed wallpapers).

I'm wanting to paint my bathroom, which Leyland paint should I choose?

When it comes to painting your bathroom, we recommend using Leyland Acrylic Eggshell. Durable and washable, it's easy to apply and does not promote the growth of mould.

I need to paint a newly plastered surface, is there anything I should do differently?

Newly plastered surfaces are known for being extremely absorbent, for best results we always recommend carrying out a "mist coat" which basically means thinning your first coat of paint with 10% clean water.

In doing this, it should result in your second coat going much further and achieving a better looking finish. To find out more about "Mist Coating" and why it's so important, simply click here.

Does Leyland Trade have a scrubbable matt paint option?

They sure do, the Leyland Trade Hardwearing Matt is an easy to clean paint which is great for high traffic areas in your home. It can be mixed into almost any designer colour making it one of our most popular paints for both professional and DIY decorators.