Ohpopsi Wallpaper

Looking to add a vibrant pattern or a burst of colour to your tired looking walls? Then the Ohpopsi Wallpaper collection has got you covered. Specialising in digitally printed wallpaper, the Ohpopsi Wallpaper range has been designed to be celebrated and bring a touch of personality to your interiors. 

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Dare to be different? The Ohpopsi wallpaper range has been designed to stand out from the crowd.

With their misson to create joyful interiors and fabulous spaces that reflect individuality and imagination, the Ohpopsi wallpapercollection is filled with print, bold colours and large scale designs that are sure to bring a vibrant and fun energy to your home. 

Are Ohpopsi Wallpapers easy to hang?

All of the Ohpopsi wallpapers are easy to apply through a PASTE THE WALL application. To hang your wallpaper simply follow these easy 4 steps or watch our youtube tutorial video showing how easy this hanging method really is. 

  • Measure where you want to start - Choosing whether to start in the middle or in the corner is important. The first drop must be hung to the wall straight, so that every other wallpaper drop fits together perfectly. With a pencil, mark the wall at the papers edge and, using a spirit level, draw a vertical line all the way down the wall. This line will help you to line up your first drop as straight as possible.
  • Apply your wallpaper adhesive to the wall
  • Apply your wallpaper to the wall - With the adhesive pasted on to the wall the wallpaper can be hung straight from the roll.
    Allow a little extra of the product at the top to ensure that the full height of the wall is covered across the width of the drop. If you need to reposition the drop do so gently and whilst the adhesive is still wet.
  • Smooth out your wallpaper - Smooth down the paper with a soft bristled brush working outwards from the centre, down the length of the drop to the skirting board (Doing this will reduce any bubbles)

Can i buy an Ohpopsi Wallpaper sample to try?

Yes, absolutely! Ordering a wallpaper sample is easy, simply select the wallpaper colourway that you would like to order a sample of from across our collections and add to your basket. Samples can only currently be delivered to a UK address. All sample orders are despatched with an untracked, 2nd class Royal Mail service within 3-5 working days of receiving an order. All Ohpopsi samples will be provided as an A4, to-scale design section. All Ohpopsi wallpapers cost 75p. 

How long will it take my Ohpopsi Wallpaper to arrive?

As all Ohpopsi wallpapers are digitally printed to order, delivery will be approxiately 3-5 days from your order and will come directly from the supplier. 

Can I return my Ohpopsi Wallpaper?

As all Ohpopsi wallpapers are made to order and are shipped directly from the supplier, unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. To make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase, we recommend testing out a wallpaper sample to help you decide.