Purple Wallpaper

Get ready for your walls to burst with colour with our stylish selection of purple wallpapers. From plum patterns to lilac and lavender shades, purple wallpapers are perfect for creating a bold feature wall and elevating your space into a stunning oasis.

Purple Aesthetic Wallpaper

Purple Wallpaper is perfect for adding character and a luxurious feel to any space throughout your home. Available in a wide range of purple shades including dark purple wallpaper, plum wallpaper and violet wallpaper, this collection of purple wallpapers include both plain and patterned designs to suit every interior style.

Where to Hang Purple Wallpaper?

Due to it's variety in shades, purple wallpapers can be used throughout your home in a number of spaces with ease. If you're looking for something bold, go for a vibrant and eye catching design such as Holden's Cascading Garden Wallpaper in Plum, or if you prefer something slightly softer to wrap around a room we recommend Niebla Horizons Metallic Heather Wallpaper. Some of our favourite spaces to hang purple wallpaper include a living room, bedroom or dining room area.

What Colour Goes With Purple Wallpaper?

Surprisingly there are a wide range of colours that work perfectly with purple wallpaper. Some of our top picks include:

Silver - Silver and Purple wallpapers are a classic and stylish pairing. Both rich and opulent shades, these two colourways would look beautifully paired together in a living room or bedroom. One of our favourite silver and purple wallpaper design includes the Laura Ashley Wild Meadow Pale Iris Wallpaper.

Yellow - A colour pairing that may surprise you, purple wallpaper and yellow come together impeccably. One of our favourite colour pairings here at DCO,  we love the Ohpopsi Berry Dot Mulberry Wallpaper showcasing these two beautiful shades perfectly together.

Green - Designed to create a statement, purple wallpaper comes together with the popular colour green to provide the perfect mix. A perfect addition to a fun space, we can get this popular colour pairing in a snug, child's bedroom or office. Some of our favourite green and purple wallpaper designs include Holden's Marimo botanical heather wallpaper.

Popular Purple Wallpaper Styles

Purple Floral Wallpaper - Sure to add a luxurious feel to your space, our collection of purple floral wallpaper ensure's that there's something for every room in your home. Designed to create a striking focal point, our favourites include Majorelle Berry Botanical Floral Mural Wallpaper and Ohpopsi Sakura Lilac Wallpaper.

Purple Animal Wallpaper - Bring your walls to life with a Purple Animal Wallpaper. Making the ideal feature wall or equally as stylish displayed throughout an entire space, some of our most popular includes the Tora Oriental Tiger Wallpaper and the Tropical Animal Window Wallpaper in a stylish plum.

Where Can I Buy Purple Wallpaper?

You can buy a wide variety of Purple Wallpaper directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred wallpaper and add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.