Toupret Fillers

A market leading manufacturer of professional fillers, Toupret offers an extensive range of interior & exterior fillers. With wall and wood fillers available for almost any project, Toupret have been producing fillers for over 80 years becoming a filler brand you can trust.

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As a leading supplier of wood and wall fillers in the UK, Toupret excels in producing top quality fillers at a price point that offers fantastic value. With fillers that can be used by the trade or DIY customers, Toupret leads the way in decorating fillers.

Toupret appreciate time is precious which is why they offer ready mixed and quick drying fillers which allow you to get to work straight away. If you prefer to mix the fillers yourself we also offer the powder versions. Toupret fillers typically don't require the substrate to be primed prior to use although this will depend on the conditions. Toupret offer a range of interior, exterior, general purpose & wood fillers.

Popular Toupret Fillers

  • Toupret Fine Surface Filler - Ideal for filling fine cracks and imperfections on your wall with no need to sand or prime. Comes ready mixed meaning you get straight of with your wall repairs and adheres straight to paint work.
  • Toupret Joint, Skim & Fill (Quick Dry) - With no filling depth, the Joint, Skim & Fill is a first choice for many decorators who face tough repairs jobs. Quick drying, it can be painted on in around 3 hours and is extremely easy to sand.
  • Toupret Wood Filler (Ready to Use) - Suitable for both interior and exterior wood surfaces the Toupret Wood Filler is compatible with all paints & coatings. It can be drilled & screwed and can be filled to a depth of 1cm. White in colour it can be painted over and is extremely easy to apply and sand.
  • Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Exterior Filler - An exterior filler for gaps and cracks that is highly flexible even when dry and moves with the substrate. Resistant to cracking due to its flexibility, it can also be used on interior surfaces like walls and skirting boards.

How to Use Toupret Fillers

A lot of the Toupret fillers we sell are available in ready mixed tubs. This means no preparation or mixing is required and you can just use them straight out of the packaging.

To apply the Toupret fillers we'd almost always recommend using a filling knife or blade. However, this does depend on the size of the area you are working on as on a small area may be easier to fill with your finger. It is best to apply the filler gradually and make sure there are no air pockets!

Once smoothed out and the filler is dry, you can paint over the filler. It may require sanding so we would always suggest having sandpaper handy when applying filler. Always check the packaging or product page of your chosen Toupret filler for the paint over time to ensure you don't paint too early.

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Can Toupret Filler be Used on Wood?

Yes! The Toupret Wood Filler does exactly what it says on the tin. Suitable for application on a variety of wood types, the Toupret Wood Filler can be used on interior or exterior woods and can be overcoated by most paints, varnishes or stains. Easy to apply and sand, it os a low odour filler and is available ready-mixed taking out the pain of mixing it yourself.

We also offer the Toupret Wood Filler powdered version if you prefer to mix the Toupret Filler yourself. It can be drilled or screwed into once fully hardened making it extremely durable.