Armstead Trade

Providing a collection of high-quality interior and exterior paints, Armstead Paint delivers affordable products that provide your surfaces with excellent coverage time and time again. Part of AkzoNobel family, Armstead is known for being the smart choice for the everyday professional decorator.

Armstead Paint

Armstead paint is owned and developed by AkzoNobel, one of the biggest paint manufacturers worldwide known for their collection of reputable brands. Designed to provide the perfect balance between quality and price for trade customers, Armstead paint range offers everything from everyday paint to highly specialised solutions. 

Providing your surfaces with reliable coverage, giving you peace of mind that a job will be completed first time, Armstead paint is suitable for both commercial and domestic projects. 

Armstead Paint Product Guide

Featuring an extensive range of 24 products for both interior/exterior application and helping you take on any project big or small, we take a look at some of our hero Armstead paint products:

Armstead Vinyl Matt 

A highly professional and quality matt emulsion paint that minimises surfaces imperfections. Your go - to for walls and ceiling, Armstead Vinyl Matt is available in Brilliant white and can also be colour matched into your favourite designer paint colour. 

Armstead Durable Acrylic Eggshell

Tough, durable and delivering a mid-sheen finish, this quick drying eggshell paint is suitable for using on a range of services including interior wood, plaster and masonry surfaces. 

Armstead Quick Dry Gloss

Available in ready mixed colours, but also suitable for colour matching, this quality, non-yellowing quick dry gloss is durable and quick drying and is ideal for using on both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. 

Armstead Smooth Masonry

Providing a quality, smooth coverage, this quick drying masonry paint provides up to 15 years protection and delivers excellent application and a high build finish.

Which Armstead Paint is best suited for using in high traffic and busier commercial areas?

For busier areas within our homes and in larger commercial spaces, we always recommend going for Armstead Durable Matt. Providing a quality, tough and durable matt finish, this water based paint not only is scrubbable, but also offers good stain resistance.