Kitchen Cupboard Paint

Transform your kitchen on a budget with our collection of cupboard paints. With an extensive range of kitchen cupboard paints available for you to choose from, providing a brand new look has never been so easy.

Is it a good idea to paint kitchen cupboards?

Absolutely! Painting your kitchen cupboards is an easy way to transform your entire room - plus it takes less time, skips the entire renovation process, and most importantly saves money. Deciding on the colour palette of your kitchen cupboards is the biggest and most important decision, it will define the look and feel of your space – dark shades will create a sophisticated and more cosy atmosphere whilst opting for more bright whites and neutral tones will brighten your room and offer a warm welcome.

Do I need to apply a primer before applying cupboard paint?

Primers are a great way to help paint stick to your surface, helping it last longer and look better. In most cases when painting your kitchen cupboards we recommend using the following:

Zinsser B-I-N - Touch dry in 15 minutes, the Zinsser B-I-N sealer and stain killer primer features a high adhesion and works brilliantly at blocking out unruly and stubborn stains. 

Tikkurila Otex Akva Water Based Primer - A professional quality and quick drying primer, the Tikkurila Otex provides special adhesion to a range of surfaces including, PVC Plastic, glass, tile and many more. Did we also mention it can be colour matched to your favourite colour?

Tikkurila Helmi Primer - Ideal for  using on interior wooden surfaces, Helmi water based primer features a drying time of 1 hour and can be colour matched to your colour of choice. 

What is the best paint finish to use on kitchen cupboards?

Typically in the past most people tended to opt for a satin or gloss finish when it came to painting their cupboards. However nowadays we are seeing more and more people go for matt paint finish. Luckily here at DCO we have a wide range of paints suitable for everyone, whether you prefer a matt, satin or gloss finish. 

Our top cupboard paint choice? Zinnsser AllCoat, available in all 3 finishes, Allcoat does what it says on the tin and can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Featuring a Class 1 scrub rating (the toughest you can get!) ,this water based paint is a great choice for kitchen upcycling projects and can be colour matched to your paint colour of choice.

Needing some extra inspiration? 

If you are needing some extra kitchen cupboard paint inspiration, then don't forget you can always find us on instagram, Pinterest and facebook. Our team of decorating experts are also on hand to help you with all your DIY and decorating questions you may have, just click here to find out all the ways you can contact us today.

We've also done a fab kitchen cupboard transformation blog with @togged_to_the_bricks who transformed her kictchen on a budget using our DCO cupboard paints.

Should I use a brush or roller to apply my cupboard paint?

For a neat and streak free finish we recommend applying your kitchen cupboard paint with a 4” mini roller. Some of our favourite picks include the Axus Lime Finish rollers and the Axus Blonde Wool rollers. If your kitchen cupboards have mouldings then use a brush to cut in first and then a roller for a neat finish!

Kitchen Cupboard Paint Bundle

Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for paints for kitchen cupboards. Then not to worry, we have pulled together the essential Kitchen Cupboard Paint Bundle designed to pulled everything that you'll need to help create the kitchen of your dreams.

Included in this kitchen cupboard paint bundle is the Zinsser Cleaner & Degreaser ideal for prepping your kitchen cupboards for painting, the Zinsser B-I-N Primer used to prime your cupboards before applying the paint, and finally the Zinsser All Coat Colour Match. All you have to do is simply select your colour, size and finish. Our expert them are also on hand to help you with any extra help or support you may need.