Gold Wallpaper

Add a touch of glamour to your interiors with one of our beautifully stylish gold wallpapers. Featuring a mix of styles, textures and designs, gold wallpaper is the ideal choice for helping your home find its luxury sparkle.

One of the most popular wallpaper shades, the colour gold cant help but add a touch of elegance and luxury to any room in your home.

With a variety of different styles, textures and designs, our selection of gold wallpapers provide there own unique charm with some offering some quirky and unique designs such as the Wonderland Jungle Gold Wallpaper. Give your living room the ultimate luxury makeover with one of our stunning metallic gold wallpapers like the Amara Textured Metallic Gold Wallpaper, or introduce an eye catching feature wallpaper in your bedroom with the Printed Palm Palace Cream and Gold Wallpaper.

Gold wallpaper is also very versatile and has the ability to work well with a number of different colours, including white, rose gold and black, showing that it would easily fit in well with a number of interior styles. 

Ways you can use Gold wallpaper in your home

A powerful and opulent colour, Gold wallpaper is the perfect choice for warming up your interior spaces. Available in a range of styles and patterns, we run through a couple of way you can use gold wallpaper in your home. 

Create an eye catching gold wallpaper feature wall - Gold is the ideal colour choice for creating a statement in your home. Displayed behind a headboard in your livingroom, or used on your livingroom tv wall, gold  wallpaper helps to add a sense of luxury and cosiness to a space. Some of our favourites include the Amara Damask Printed Gold Wallpaper and the Textured Fan Metallic wallpaper. 

Use gold wallpaper with an accent colour - Gold is a colour that works beautifully with a vast range of colours, and can help to create a beautiful and elegant look. Perfect for using in a hallway or dining room space, these type of stunning wallpapers can really help transform a space. Tempted? Why not try out our Oriental Pine Tree Metallic Black and Gold Wallpaperor theForbidden Fruit Square Panelled wallpaper.

Go for a contemporary gold geometric wallpaper in you home office - Geometric wallpaper patterns are perfect for contemporary decors and easy to integrate into a variety of settings thanks to its versatility. Perfect for using in creative spaces such as offices, we think our Fabric Geometric Printed Wallpaper Green and Gold would make the perfect addition. 

Opt for a glamorous look with a damask themed wallpaper - Vintage and damask themed wallpapers instally feel more glamorous with a golden finish. Turning any wall into a focal point, these wallpaper are perfect for using in a livingroom, bedroom or hallway. Some of our favourites include the Vasari Bellini Damask Wallpaper Cream and Gold and the Milano Textured Glitter Damask Wallpaper. 

Can you try a gold wallpaper sample before purchasing a full roll?

Yes! Absolutely. We’ve created a super simple wallpaper sample service, with DCO your first two samples and postage are completely free, any wallpaper sample after that is just 75p, whilst delivery is still completely free. All our samples are full width and cut to approximately 30cm height, so you can get a proper feel for your perfect design. To find out more about our free wallpaper sample service, just click here.

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