Dust Sheets

An essential part of decorating prep, dust sheets are a great way to protect any bulky items such as furniture, carpets and flooring. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, make sure you're equipped for your next DIY project with DCO!

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Dust sheets are the perfect way to protect you flooring, carpets and furniture when painting and decorating. Helping to protect them from dust, drips and loose debris, our collection of dust sheets are available in a range of sizes and materials. Shop our collection here

Our top Dust Sheet picks

Masq Tape and Drape 90 Day Gold -  Working to eliminate taping difficulties with your dust sheet, the Masq tape and drape features a gold tape attached to the edge of the dust sheet helping to create a sealed edge and keeping your dust sheet in place. 

Prep Carpet Protection Film - A great value carpet protection product which protects effortlessly featuring a reverse wound for easy application and a low tack adhesive backed film.

Cotton Twill Dust Sheet (Stair Runner) - The perfect choice for protecting your stairs against dust and paint spills, this cotton dust sheet is is made from 100% natural cotton.

ProDec Supercling Dust Sheet 200sq/m - Available in a handy dispenser box with a safety cutter, the ProDec Supercling dust sheet roll is 50m long and 4m wide, providing an impressive 200m² of coverage.

Are using dust sheets a good idea?

The simple answer to this question is YES! Using a dust sheets is the perfect way to prepare a room for painting, decorating or maintenance work. They are the ideal way to protect your larger surfaces from paint spills, dust and loose debris.  

How to use Dust Sheets?

When covering large areas before decorating such as flooring, carpets and furniture be sure to tack the dust sheet in place with something like masking tape along the edges. This not only holds the dust sheet in place, allowing you to walk on it, but also stops dust or other debris from getting underneath it. When you have finished using the dust sheet gently uptake it and fold into the centre of the sheet. Pick up the corners and carry outside before unravelling to release any dust or debris caught up inside.

Are dust sheets useful when painting?

Dust sheets are incredibly useful when it comes to painting and protecting your larger surfaces from any unfortunate paint spills and splatters. When painting we recommend using the Poly Backed Cotton Dust Sheet , which features a top cotton twill layer absorbing paint spills and other wet substances, whilst the polythene backing prevents it from soaking through to your flooring, delivering the ultimate protection.