Spray Paints

Get creative with our range of spray paints here at Decorating Centre Online. Available in a large range of colours, this selection of specialist paints are perfect for touch ups or bringing new life to your old furniture. Choose from a large range of finishes including, stone textured, hammered, satin and gloss.

Why are Spray Paints so useful?

Spray paints not only allow you to cover surfaces quickly and more evenly that a standard brush would, they are also ideal for reaching areas you cannot with a brush and an effective way to touch up or apply a new coat of paint. 

What surfaces can you cover using Spray Paints?

Spray paints can be used to cover a wide range of surfaces including, wood, metal, glass and ceramic surfaces. Also included within our spray paint collection is specialist sprays including Stove & BBQ Heat Resistant spray paint which can only to be used on metal surfaces.

Important things to remember when applying spray paints: 

  • Before you begin, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area and have read the manufacturers instructions through carefully. 
  • Shake the can for the stated amount of time and practice spraying in slightly overlapping stripes.
  • Carefully prepare the object ensuring it is both clean and dry, and test the paint on an inconspicuous area of the object to be painted to ensure colour compatibility.
  • Apply the spray paint at the recommended spraying distance whilst moving the can from left to right and up and down.
  • Apply several thin coats and allow to dry for the stated time before recoating.

What types of spray paints finishes are available? 

Here at Decorating Centre Online, we have an extensive amount of spray paint finishes available for you to choose from including: