Mirka provides an exceptional range of sanding tools & solutions. Our range includes Mirka DEROS, DEOS, LEROS & Dust Extractors, plus great value Mirka sander kits. We also provide Abranet sanding discs, Goldflex sanding pads & most Mirka accessories.


A global leader in sanding, Mirka continue to be one of the first choices for decorators when purchasing sanders, abrasives & other surface finishing equipment. Mirka are dedicated to constantly improving their products and release new industry leading machines each year.

At Decorating Centre Online we stock the popular DEROS, DEOS & LEROS sanding tools, each available individually or as part of our complete range of sander kits & bundles, which provide the best value for your Mirka purchase.

Mirka Sanders

Mirka Deros 5650CV / 5650XCV

A compact orbital sander with both 125 & 150mm pads, the Mirka DEROS is developed for effective dust-free sanding and can be used on all kind of surfaces.

The Mirka DEROS is light weight and ergonomic making it easy to use in any position, even for extended periods of time. Mirka DEROS also features variable RPM speed range, soft start, electronic brake, lowest vibration in class and a swivel dust outlet, all providing the ultimate dust free sanding experience.

The Mirka DEROS is available in 230v / 110v solution kits.

Mirka Deos 353CV / Mirka Deos 353XCV

The Mirka DEOS is a compact orbital sander and at just 10cm height, is ideal for sanding profiles and hard to reach areas. It’s compact and ergonomic design allow for precise control and maximum efficiency when sanding.

The base of the Mirka DEOS is 81 x 133mm, however an extension backing pad is also available increasing the range of use to more awkward or tight areas.

Available in 353cv 230v and 353xcv 110v solution kit configurations.

Mirka Leros

Mirka LEROS boasts a large 225mm sanding head with 180-degree flexibility and 5mm random orbital movement. Combined with its light design, Mirka LEROS provides great comfort and ease of use, even when in use for extended periods of time, making it ideal for wall and ceiling sanding.

Available in two variations from DCO, the Mirka LEROS 950CV and LEROS-S 950CV, the latter being lighter (3.2kg) and shorter for greater control and easier sanding in more confined spaces.

Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV

A compact and highly manoeuvrable corner sander, the Mirka DEOS Delta is ideal for precise and efficient sanding of corners, profiles and hard to reach areas. The DEOS Delta has a 100 x 152 x 152 mm head with 3mm orbit.

Mirka Dust Extractors

Featuring a high-performance motor and turbine that generates 250mbar vacuum and 4,500 l/min airflow, the Mirka 1230 Dust Extractor provides exceptional dust extraction performance. It also provides ability for filter cleaning, hose and cable storage and attachment of Mirka systainer cases to the top of the extractor.

Available in in two model variants, the 1230L dust extractor, or 1230m dust extractor, which also includes an air-flow sensor to advise of if airflow drops below optimal levels and is available in 1230m 110v or 1230m 230v.

M vs L class extractor?

  • Dust Class M, the M stands for medium risk, is for professionals in the construction industry who end up sanding substances like hardwood, paint, plaster, putty, and other substances that create medium risk dust.
  • Dust Class L, the L stands for low risk, is for users who vacuum substances that are low risk such as household dirt, sand, and softwood sanding dust.

Mirka Sanding

Mirka Abranet Sanding Discs

Abranet is a unique net structure abrasive that enables quality dustless sanding. Abranet sanding discs or pads combined with Mirka sander kits are highly effective at removing dust particles providing a cleaner and healthier environment to work in, benefitting yourself and your customers.

Abranet delivers excellent results and is also highly resistant to colling which ensures optimal usage and cost effectiveness. It is available in various sizes, grits and pack quantities:

Mirka Goldflex Sanding Pads

At Decorating Centre Online we supply Goldflex 115x125mm perforated sanding pads on rolls of 150 pads per box which provides great value. We supply grit levels from 150 to 400, making Goldflex usable for a wide range of decorative sanding applications including sanding difficult to reach and profiled surfaces and those that require an excellent finish. Designed to be soft and avoid clogging, Mirka Goldflex sanding pads are easy to work with and suitable for both wet and dry sanding.  

Mirka Support

How to change Mirka backing pad

Mirka DEROS: Use the C spanner provided and insert between the back of the pad and the tool. Rotate the spanner until it grips the central locking nut. Whilst holding the spanner, rotate the backing pad anti-clockwise to release the backing pad.

Mirka DEOS: Remove any Abranet, interface or pad saver you may have attached to the machine. Locate the 4 screws on the face of the backing pad and use the correct size Hex 2.5 or Torx20 (depending on model), to unscrew. Then simply remove the backing pad, remove any dust, and place the new backing pad on the machine and screw in place.

Mirka LEROS: Remove any Abranet, interface or pad saver you may have attached to the machine. Locate the 2 Torx 8 screws on the face of the backing pad (in the centre of the pad) and remove cap. Then undo the centre nut with 19mm socket whilst holding the backing pad in place. The new backing pad can then be fitted.

Where to purchase replacement Mirka cable

In the event your Mirka cable fails, we stock replacements that are available to be shipped next day UK wide. The cables are also designed to be repairable by a qualified person, please get in touch for more information.

Monitoring vibrations

The Mirka sanding kit range features integrated vibration sensor with Bluetooth technology. The vibration sensor makes it possible to view and monitor vibration levels on a smart phone or tablet via the myMirka app.

Mirka Sales & Discounts

At Decorating Centre Online we’ve put together unique sander kit bundles that incorporate the most commonly purchased items at a discount for the individual component prices. DCO Pros can also benefit from discounts on Abranet, Goldflex and Mirka accessories.