Q - How does Colour Matching work?

A - We can tint our paint in various finishes to equivalents of over 19,000 Big Brand shades - so you have plenty to choose from! All you need to do is find the perfect one and type this into the text box when you order (brand name and colour name). Our formulas are created in lab conditions and matched to the colour charts so will be consistent every time. Our tinted equivalent colours will be within a 10% variance of the colour chart. If you're unsure whether we can match to a specific colour just send us an email and we can let you know!

Q - I want to order the same paint again. How do I make sure it's the same as my first tin?

A - If you need to order extra paint to match a previous tin, we would recommend also writing which machine your first tin was mixed on next to the colour you type into the text box on the Colour Match Page. This will allow us to ensure the paint is as close as possible to your original tin. 

Q - How do I check my paint colour is correct?

A- As all colour matches are created to match the charts, the best way to check the accuracy of the colour is to dry this down onto the official branded colour chart. Pop a small amount on top of the colour chart and dry this with a hairdryer if possible. Please bear in mind that this is a colour match and not an exact replica of tester pots from brands as these can vary from the chart. If you think a colour is not a good match please run this check and pop us over an email so we can rectify any issues. 

Q - How do I know which finish of paint to buy?

A - Depending on the room you're painting you'll need a finish that suits the needs of the room. For example for bathrooms you will need a hardwearing paint preferably with anti mould properties. The best types of paint for bathrooms would be the PermaWhite or the Tikkurila Luja. For high traffic areas we would recommend one of our scrubbable paint finishes. Please contact us for help choosing a paint finish. 

Q - Which wallpapers can be used in a kitchen or bathroom?

A - An easy way to know if a wallpaper can be used in a kitchen or bathoom is to check the scrubbability rating - washable, extra-washable, scrubbable or extra-scrubbable wallpapers will be great for those areas. 

Q - Which paint is best for a kitchen or bathroom?

A - We would recommend the use of our scrubbable paint finishes - the Hardwearing Matt or Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell. For poorly ventilated bathrooms with mould issues the Perma White is best. 

Q - Do you take back unused wallpaper?

A - Providing that the wallpaper is unused and in its original packaging, we will accept returns. Returns are at the customer’s own expense and must be within 28 days of original receipt of order.

Q - If my order arrives damaged, what do I do?

A - In the event of receiving faulty or damaged goods, please contact our customer services team at [email protected] who will be able to arrange a collection of the goods or send out replacement items. Alternatively they could offer a full refund or a issue a credit note. Please make sure to attach images of the damaged box with the DPD label in clear view as well as the damage inside the box for our records.

Q - Can I sample wallpaper before making a full order?

A - Most definitely! Just select the order sample icon next to the wallpaper of your choice and this will add it to your basket. Your first two samples are free of charge, there is a 75p charge for each additional sample request.

Q - What is ‘Trade’ Paint?

A - All paint companies offer both ‘Retail’ and ‘Trade’ paints. Retail paints tend to be cheaper than Trade however the trade paint is manufactured to a higher quality than the retail range. What this means for you is that trade paint will be better covering, (especially noticeable in deep colours!) be of a thicker consistency thus nicer to put on the walls and will also mean the job is done in less time!

Q - Can I return Colour Match Paint?

A - I’m afraid we cannot accept returns of paint which are mixed specifically for your order unless they do not arrive to you as specified. In these instances please contact our customer services team at [email protected] If you’re unsure on a paint colour we can provide 350ml tester pots of Leyland Vinyl Matt for only £3.99.

Q - What forms of payment does Decorating Centre Online accept?

A - We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Visa Debit, Master Card etc) in addition to ClearPay (pay in four installments), Paypal and Apple Pay.

Q - I’m due to move into a new build house but don’t want White or Magnolia walls. Is there any paint I can use?

A - You need to use a non-vinyl emulsion usually referred to as ‘Contract’ paint or 'Super Leytex' on our website. This paint can be tinted to a selection of pale colours only. As contract paint doesn’t contain any vinyl it will allow your plaster to dry out without cracking.

Q - I just bought a heavy vinyl wallpaper. What's the best adhesive to use?

A - A ready mixed adhesive would be ideal for a heavy vinyl wallpaper. As it's ready to use it means you don’t have to worry about mixing the paste to the correct consistency. They tend to be more expensive but this can be the easier option.

Q - I have a water stain on the ceiling from a leak which has been repaired. What paint do I need to stop the stain coming through?

A - Apply a coat of Zinsser B-I-N primer sealer. For really bad stains it make take 2 or 3 applications of the primer. This will leave the surface perfect for emulsion.

Q - What is the best brush to use with water based gloss?

A - When using water based paint it is important to use a finely tipped synthetic brush.

Q - How many lengths do I get from 1 roll of wallpaper?

A - Depending on the drop match and if the height is no more than 8 ft you should get 3 lengths from 1 roll. If there is no match you may get 4 lengths from 1 roll.

Q - How do I know how much wallpaper to order?

A - Please use our handy wallpaper calculator by typing in your measurements for an approximate amount