Copper Wallpaper

The most popular out of all the metallic shades, copper wallpaper provides your walls with a rich and warming tone perfect for elevating your interior style.

Copper is a colour that invites warming and relaxing tones to your space, and our collection of copper wallpapers do exactly that. 

Part of the ever growing and ever popular metallic colour trend, our copper wallpapers have been purposely selected to elevate your interior style and add a level of glamour to your space. Although they can be used anywhere, copper wallpapers are particularly popular in the bedrooms and living areas as it is seen as quite a deep and calming colour. With a large variety of copper tones and shades available, one of our favourites is grey and copper wallpaper, perfect if you prefer lighter coloured tones. If darker coloured tones are more your thing, our copper coloured wallpapers with black, brown and navy are sure to catch your eye, just take our Havanna Industrial Texture Metallic Copper/Brown Wallpaper for example. 

Wallpaper with copper not only can make your space feel more warm and comforting, but can also make your space appear more modern, rich, and stylish and work well with any existing decor. Copper wallpapers are commonly used as feature wallpapers, due to there stylish colour and design helping them to stand out, equally we think a copper wallpaper displayed throughout an entire room such as a bedroom or living area would make for the perfect cosy and snug area. 

Need some help to decide which wallpaper will look best? Then why not contact our DCO team who will try there best to help you decide. You could even order some wallpaper samples to try out and see what will work best in your home.