Bathroom Wallpaper

Splash out and give the busiest room in your home a refresh. Providing a range of suitably stylish bathroom wallpapers, we have selected our favourite eye catching and elegant prints to help you choose your perfect bathroom design.

Bathroom wallpaper? Yes you've read that correctly, and bathroom wallpapers are quickly becoming one of the hottest interior trends.

Choosing a wallpaper suitable for using in a bathroom can be a tough one, not only do you want it to looks stylish and be in keeping with your current interior design style, you also want it to be practical and have the ability to withstand the demands of the space that it will be hung in. That's why in this wallpaper collection, we have only chosen wallpapers that are both durable and have a washable nature, making them suitable to withstand high levels of humidity and moisture, unlike standard wallpaper. 

Featuring a whole host of quirky styles and prints, this collection is full of bathroom wallpaper ideas that would look perfect used and displayed throughout the entirety of a room or used on one wall to create the ultimate statement feature wall. From pastel tones to more boldly botanical patterns, we are confident that we have the perfect  selection of bathroom wallpaper to make your space, your own.

Easy to work with and apply, whilst our washable wallpapers are the perfect choices for your bathroom, we also advise to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with too much water on a regular basis, so if it were us we wouldn't apply directly around the bath, shower or sink, just to be safe and ensure that your wallpaper last for years and years to come.

What are our Top 3 Bathroom wallpaper picks? We've listed them below:

  1. Solstice Tropical Leaf Green Wallpaper 
  2. Amur Leopard Print Grey Wallpaper 
  3. Sansevie Tropical Leaf Wallpaper 

Why is wallpaper for a bathroom so popular?

Wallpapers are known for being a great way for add a pop of personality to your home. Know best for being used in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, wallpaper for a bathroom is a stylish and eye catching way to grab your guests attention. 

Bathrooms are usually very clinical looking spaces that are associated with keeping as clean and sterile as possible, making them the perfect room to add a bright and colourful wallpaper to brighten up this high traffic area within your home. With a large selection of bathroom wallpapers available here at DCO, these stylish interior additions are a clever and cost efficient way to update your home.

 How best to use wallpaper in your bathroom

You may be wondering where exactly wallpaper would look best in your bathroom. Below are a few ways we hope will inspire you. 

Using wallpaper in a bathroom is the perfect opportunity to use a feature wall being your bath, sink or toilet. Wallpaper prints such as Solistice Tropical Leaf and Sansevie Topical Leaf can help to provide a relaxing environment that is perfect for taking a long hot soak in at the end of the day. Another great way to use wallpaper for a bathroom is to use it as a border around a mirror, window or door. 

Wallpaper will help to add a statement and a burst of personality to your bathroom. Whether you choose to go for bright patterns that are filled with colours, or something a little more minimalist and subtle to provide a calming relaxing feel, there are lots of wallpapers available that are sure to suit everyone's style. 

Some helpful bathroom wallpaper tips

  • Avoid hanging wallpaper in regular splash areas within your bathroom, such as above the sink, around the bath or in the shower. 
  • Ensure that your room receives good ventilation when using wallpaper for a bathroom. This is key as the steam will then be drawn out of the bathroom rather than creating condensation that may affect your wallpaper. 
  • If you are unsure about wallpapering your entire bathroom walls, then why not consider adding tiles or wall panelling to half your wall space and then wallpaper the top half ensuring that your wallpaper design won't get too scuffed or marked along the way.