Bathroom Wallpaper

Splash out and give the busiest room in your home a refresh. Providing a range of suitably stylish bathroom wallpapers, we have selected our favourite eye catching and elegant prints to help you choose your perfect bathroom design.

Bathroom wallpaper? Yes you've read that correctly, and bathroom wallpapers are quickly becoming one of the hottest interior trends.

Choosing a wallpaper suitable for using in a bathroom can be a tough one, not only do you want it to looks stylish and be in keeping with your current interior design style, you also want it to be practical and have the ability to withstand the demands of the space that it will be hung in. Thats why in this wallpaper collection, we have only chosen wallpapers that are both durable and have a washable nature, making them suitable to withstand high levels of humidity and moisture, unlike standard wallpaper. 

Featuring a whole host of quirky styles and prints, this collection is full of bathroom wallpaper ideas that would look perfect used and displayed throughout the entirity of a room or used on one wall to create the ultimate statement feature wall. From pastel tones to more boldly botanical patterns, we are confident that we have the perfect  selection of bathroom wallpaper to make your space, your own.

Easy to work with and apply, whilst our washable wallpapers are the perfect choices for your bathroom, we also advise to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with too much water on a regular basis, so if it were us we wouldnt apply directly around the bath, shower or sink, just to be safe and ensure that your wallpaper last for years and years to come.

What are our Top 3 Bathroom wallpaper picks? We've listed them below:

  1. Solstice Tropical Leaf Green Wallpaper 
  2. Amur Leopard Print Grey Wallpaper 
  3. Sansevie Tropical Leaf Wallpaper 
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  1. AS Creation Small Bark Blown Vinyl Wallpaper 2737-27
    AS Creation Small Bark Blown Vinyl Wallpaper 2737-27
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  2. Industrial Texture Metallic Wallpaper
    Industrial Texture Metallic Wallpaper
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