Decorating Knives, Scrapers & Blades

Essential tools for any decorator, our collection of decorating knives, scrapers & blades are key in preparing your surfaces before decorating. Available in a wide range of brands, we have tools available for every task whether that be filling, opening lids or scraping.

Decorating Knives, Scarapers & Blades

Get our painters scrapers, knives & blades at Decorating Centre Online with fantastic trade discounts and free delivery available. An essential tool for decorators, our high quality scrapers and knives cover any project or job.

From removing paint or wallpaper from walls to opening lids or spreading filler evenly, you can find the perfect scraper or knife for you.

We offer scrapers for stripping wallpapers from your walls as well as for getting rid of any excess paint. They can be used on walls, floors, ceilings and woodwork perfect for both professionals and DIY'ers.

Our most popular decorating knives, scraper & blade tools 

Soft Grip Stripping Knife - An essential tool for removing old paint and wallpaper, this soft grip stripping knife from Prep features a stainless steel blade providing rust resistance and a soft grip handle for ease of comfort. 

Axus Stainless Steel RUT (Really Useful Tool) - A multipurpose decorating tool, this "Really Useful Tool" comes with a wide range of uses, helping to make your DIY project easier and quicker. Made from stainless steel, this comfortable gripped tool includes some of the following features, Chisel Edge Scraper, Nail remover, Crack rake & Convex scrapper.

Olfa Design Auto Lock Snap Cutter with Hard Metal PickA comfort grip heavy duty cutter, this Olfa decorating knife comes with an automatic blade lock, and built in hard metal pick for multi purpose applications. 

Prep Combination Soft Grip Shave Hook Paint Scraper Tool - Designed to remove old paint, varnishes and paper on flat surfaces, this Prep scraper tool features a long, soft grip handle for comfort and ease of use. 

Our safety tips when using Decorating Knives

Using knives can be dangerous if not used correctly and safely, below we have pulled together some of our helpful tips to remember when using decorating knives - 

  • Always pick up knives by the handle. Never touch the blade, even when if it appears to be dull. 
  • Choose the correct size knife for the task that you are doing. 
  • Carry knives with the blade pointed downward.
  • Never attempt to catch a falling knife. 

How to use a wall scraper?

Depending on the stubborness of the material being removed and the size of the DIY job, a wall scraper should be held by the handle by one or both hands. In most cases it is most effective to pull against the material you are trying to separate from the wall, however sometimes in the case of stubborn materials such as wallpaper it can be best to scrape in a pushing action to get underneath the wallpaper.