Olfa Knives, Cutters & Blades

With a great reputation in the UK decorating market, Olfa are known for having the best cutting knives & blades. With unrivalled quality at great prices, the value for money Olfa tools offer shows why they are so popular with decorating professionals.

Developed and manufactured in Japan, Olfa tools are used by many professional decorators around the world due to the outstanding quality of the Olfa products. Specialising in unbeatable performance and innovation, Olfa founder Yoshio Okada developed the first snap-off blade in 1956.

The bright yellow colour synonymous with Olfa tools makes picking your decorating knife out of the toolbox easy. Olfa knives stay sharper for longer and are designed with durability & performance in mind. Olfa also supply scrapers which have been developed to remove paint and varnishes from the most awkward of substrates.