Leyland Trade - Exterior

Leyland trade exterior paint provides a quick drying and all weather protection finish that can be used on a range of surfaces including both masonry and wooden.

Leyland Trade's Exterior range is forefronted by the Leyland Trade Truguard range, a purposely designed exterior paint providing protection to your exterior substrates such as masonry, cement and brickwork. 

Providing a smooth and durable coating, Leyland Truguard is one of the toughest and most durable masonry paints on the market, providing up to 15 years of protection once applied, whilst also remaining resistant against pollution and dirt. Trugard also provides the ability to be colour matched, allowing you to put your own stamp into your exteriors, if you want to get your favourite designer paint coloured matched then click here. 

Also available is the Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry - Brilliant White 7.5L and the Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry Ready Mix offering ready mix colours including Black, Dove Grey and Magnolia. 

Providing coverage of approximately 10m² per litre, Leyland Trade Truguard is also a quick drying paint (touch dry within 1-2 hours), allowing the original texture of the underlying surface to shine through.