Cuprinol Garden Shades

Add a beautiful burst of colour to your exterior surfaces with Cuprinol Garden Shades range. A perfect choice for your shed, fence and other garden furniture, this high quality exterior paint has been designed to not only decorate but also protect. 

Cuprinol Garden Shades Paint

The perfect all round garden paint for exterior woodwork, Cuprinol Garden Shades is the easy way adding colour to your garden in time for summer. Whether you are bringing garden furniture to life or refreshing a garden shed or fence, the Garden Shades range will have a colour ideal for you.

With 36 popular colours from Urban Slate to Cornflower there is a colour for any project. Cuprinol Garden Shades offers 6 years weather protection whilst allowing the natural texture of the wood to shine through. Leaving a stunning matt finish, you'll soon be the envy of all your neighbours.

Our customers often ask us questions about our Cuprinol Garden Shades paint range. Below are a few FAQs to give you a bit more information about this popular exterior paint product.

How many coats of Cuprinol Garden Shades should I apply?

You should apply a minimum of two coats of Cuprinol Garden Shades to your chosen surface. If more are required, then it must be applied in the same day where possible. 

How long does Cuprinol Garden Shades last for?

Cuprinol Garden Shades have been designed to provide 6 year weather protection on exterior wooden surfaces. 

Can i use Cuprinol Garden Shades on my wooden decking?

No, Cuprinol Garden Shades is not suitable to use on decking. Suitable surfaces include shed, fences, wooden garden furniutre, terracotta, brick and stone. Instead, you might want to consider Cuprinol’s range of anti-slip decking stains.

Before applying Cuprinol Garden Shades, do i need to use a primer?

No primer is required before applying Cuprinol Garden Shades. However it is extremely important that you prepare your surfaces prior to application to ensure of high quality results. 

Is Cuprinol Garden Shades suitable for applying with a paint sprayer?

Yes, alonside applying with a paint sprayer you can also use a brush and paint roller. Always read the sprayer user guide for full instructions before every use.

What colours are Cuprinol Garden Shades available in?

Here at Decorating Centre Online, we offer an extensive range of Cuprinol Garden Shades. Choose from a large collection including Urban Slate, Sweet Pea, Barleywood, Seagrass, Wild Thyme, Sweet Sundae and Country Cream

Can you use Cuprinol Garden Shades on smooth wood?

Yes, Cuprinol Garden Shades can be used on both smooth planed wood and rough sawn wooden surfaces. Coverage will vary depending on method of application and the original condition of the wooden surface. 

How long does it take Cuprinol Garden Shades to dry?

Cuprinol Garden Shades is touch dry within 1 hour, and suitable for re coat within 2-8 hours.

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