Eggshell Paint

A great all rounder, Eggshell paint is the perfect sheen that sit's beautifully in-between Matt and Satin. Easy to apply and with it's ability to reflect light, if you're looking for a type of paint that can give depth to any space, without appearing too shiny, then Eggshell is the one for you, ideal for painting woodwork.

Eggshell paint is available in both water based and oil based formulations. Water based eggshell is becoming increasing popular due to it's quick drying times and low odour and is often suitable for use on both walls and woodwork. Oil based eggshell is traditionally preferred as it doesn't leave streaks giving a quality finish.

White is a popular in eggshell paints and we also offer it in our colour match service. We recommend the Leyland Trade Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell as a water based eggshell and the Leyland Trade Eggshell as an oil based alternative..

What is Eggshell Paint?

Like it's name sake, eggshell paint get its name from resembling the surface of an eggshell once applied. Eggshell is typically the sheen level that sits in between matt and satin paint and will reflect and bounce light throughout a room, creating depth in a space without appearing overly shiny.

What surfaces can I use Eggshell paint on?

Eggshell paint is traditionally used on interior woodwork like trim and skirting boards, whilst it can also be used on radiators. Water based eggshell can also be used on walls and ceilings and is really good for medium traffic areas within your home such as living rooms and bedrooms. 

Our top 3 reasons why using eggshell paint is a great choice

  1. It's perfect for covering over small imperfections on your walls- Eggshell paint is a great choice if you are looking to create an overall smooth and clean finish. It's also perfect for touch up's as eggshell paint blends so beautifully going on and you won’t see the new brush strokes.
  2. Anyone can use it - Whether you are a novice DIYer or a professional decorator that has been working for years, eggshell paint is so easy to apply with a brush or roller. So simple in fact that it glides smoothly onto a surface not showing any visible brushstrokes marks making it a great finish for everyone to use confidently. 
  3. A long lasting paint finish - Eggshell paint has been designed to provide your surfaces with a long lasting finish and freshness, so if you're not a keen painter or not interested in painting again for a while, eggshell paint is always a great reliable choice. 

DCO'S top Eggshell paint picks

If you are looking for a tough, stain resistant eggshell paint that is perfect for using on your walls and ceilings, then look no further than the Leyland Trade Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell , with it's ability to be colour matched into thousands of designer colours, this water based eggshell has been designed to hide imperfections and handle extreme levels of condensation making it the perfect choice for using in bathrooms and kitchens. This hardwearing eggshell paint is also a great choice for using in hallways and bedrooms. 

Next up is our top solvent based eggshell woodwork paint, Leyland Trade Eggshell this eggshell paint is perfect for providing your interior woodwork and metal surfaces with a beautiful mid-sheen finish. A hardwearing and knock-resistant finish, this tough and durable paint is particularly suited to any room with interior woodwork that needs regular cleaning and high traffic areas within your home such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Our other top eggshell paint picks include, Johnstone's Trade Acrylic Durable Eggshell and Dulux Diamond Eggshell, both of these paints are available in ready mix colours and can also be colour matched into thousands of designer colours.