Farrow & Ball

Introducing Farrow and Ball’s 132 signature shade collection.  Featuring the highest quality paint made with the highest standards of colour accuracy and quality, Farrow & Ball are renowned for their stylish finishes and ability to transform your home both inside and out. Shop through our wide selection of finishes, including Dead Flat, Estate Emulsion, Modern Eggshell and many more.

Farrow and Ball 

Farrow & Ball was first created by John Farrow and Richard Ball in Dorset in 1946. Fast forward a couple of decades, Farrow & Ball have remained true to their traditions and continue to be Britain's last remaining paint manufacturer producing a full product range of both modern and traditional finishes and formulations. 

Suitable for using on a wide range of surfaces, Farrow and Ball continues to be made using only the finest ingredients, including the best raw materials available resulting in the highest quality depth of colour and unrivalled levels of flatness. 

Is Farrow and Ball Paint Eco Friendly?

Yes! In 2011 Farrow and Ball made the bold decision to move their entire oil based paint range to an eco friendly water based finish with low VOC (volatile organic compounds). Farrow and Ball continue to remain committed towards helping the environment we live in through also using recyclable paint tins.

How long does it take Farrow and Ball paint to dry?

In most cases for the majority of the Farrow and Ball paint finishes, Farrow and Ball is dry within 2 hours and ready for a second coat within 4/5 hours.

What finishes are included in the Farrow and Ball paint range?

The Farrow and Ball paint range features a wide range of finishes suitable for using a large number of surfaces. Their extensive list includes:

Which Farrow and Ball paint finishes are suitable for using on interior walls & ceilings?

When it comes to interior walls & ceilings you have a choice of 3 Farrow and Ball paint finishes.

Dead Flat - Providing an ultra matt finish from every angle (2% sheen), Farrow and Ball Dead Flat is a multi surface paints suitable for walls, woodwork and metal. Delivering a durable finish, this low VOC and oddur paint is scuff resistant  making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Modern Emulsion - Providing your walls & ceilings with a super-tough, easy to clean finish, Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion is the perfect choice for your bathrooms and kitchens. Mould protected, water based and quick drying, this matt finish paint is also scuff and stain resistant.

Estate Emulsion - Delivering a distinctive chalky finish, Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion is a great choice for low traffic interior walls & ceilings. Providing a very flat matt finish, this wipable paint is also known for its incredible depth of colour.

I want to paint my interior wooden flooring, which Farrow & Ball paint should I choose?

Delivering a super tough and durable finish, Farrow and Ball Modern Eggshell adds lasting colour and protection to interior wood, metal and concrete, making it a perfect choice for flooring. This mid sheen paint is both scuff and stain resistant and features a quick drying time of 2 hours and a recoat time of 4 hours.

Which Farrow and Ball paint finishes are suitable for exterior surfaces?

Full Gloss - For a high shine finish, we recommend Farrow and Ball Full Gloss suitable for using on both interior and exterior wood and metal. Resistant to water, flaking, peeling, and fading for up to six years, this water based gloss paint is washable and wipeable and feature a quick drying time of 2 hours.

Exterior Eggshell - Delivering a long-lasting, rich colour to exterior wood and metal surfaces, Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell features a low sheen finish, remaining flexible once dry, protecting your exterior surfaces through the ever changing British weather. With a resin-rich formula that resists flaking, peeling, and fading for up to six years, this water resistant eggshell paint is a great choice for sheds and fences.

Exterior Masonry - When it comes to exterior brick, render and concrete, Farrow and Ball Exterior Masonry paint is known for providing a super matt, long-lasting colour to exterior walls. Featuring a water-resistant formula that not only protects your walls, this quick drying masonry paint also offers the highest level of water vapour permeability allowing your walls to breathe. Protected from fungi and algae, the Farrow and Ball paint also resists flaking, peeling, and fading for up to 15 years.

Farrow and Ball Primers & Undercoats

Designed to help provide the perfect finish, Farrow and Balls collection of Primers & undercoats deliver the best start to your painting project whether that be walls, woodwork or exteriors. Creating a smooth, easy-to-paint base, our collection include-

Farrow & Ball Metal Primer Undercoat - A rust inhibiting primer for all bare ferrous metal surfaces, this easy to apply metal primer is designed to create a smooth foundation on gates, railings and furniture. Farrow and Ball Metal Primer is suitable for using before the following finishes, Modern Eggshell, Exterior Eggshell, Estate Eggshell, Dead Flat and Full Gloss.

Farrow & Ball Wood Primer & Undercoat - Suitable for using on bare or previously painted interior and exterior wood, Farrow & Ball Wood Primer & Undercoat helps to create a smooth and protective base. This water based primer can be used with our range of Eggshell, Full Gloss and Dead Flat finishes. 

Farrow and Ball Paint Sample Pots

With 132 signature shades to choose from choosing your perfect shade can be a tough choice. Introducing Farrow and Ball paint samples, a 100ml sample pot available in every Farrow & Ball colour. Helping you to narrow down your shortlist, this perfectly sized paint tester pot helps to give you the best possible idea of your finished result. To select your Farrow & Ball sample pot simply select from the dropdown menu on our product page or select from our Farrow and Ball Sample Pot category page

Where Can I Buy Farrow and Ball Paint?

You can buy a wide variety of Farrow and Ball paint directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred paint shade, select your finish of choice and add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.

Rather shop in store? We also have our full range of Farrow and Ball paint shades available for you to browse through from the comfort of our own store. Our friendly and helpful team are ready to help. 

Farrow and Ball Carte Blanche

Designed with top fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, Farrow and Ball Carte Blanche collection is sure to add a touch of colour and joy to any space its used. Featuring a versatile palette of colours including everything from timeless neutrals such as Au Lait and Roasted Macadamia to statement shades such as Shallot and Hog Plum.

Available in a beautiful range of interior finishes, Farrow and Ball Carte Blanche is a stunning collection of 12 new paint colours that are sure to bring a cool, bold and modern touch to your interiors.