Radiator Paint

Is your radiator looking on the tired side? Then provide it with the refresh it deserves with our collection of quick-drying, heat-resistant radiator paints and radiator paint sprays. Available today in a wide range of colours and finishes.

How to Paint a Radiator?

Painting a radiator has never been so easy thanks to the wide variety of purposely designed radiator paints available on the market today! Below we talk through the easy and simple steps required to totally transform your tired looking radiators -

  1. Make sure your radiator is turned off and has fully cooled down, if not the paint will begin to blister. 
  2. Give the radiator a good clean to get rid of all grease, muck and any finger marks (We recommend using Zinsser Universal Degreaser). Once applied give it another wash with a spray cleaner to remove any degreaser left behind.
  3. Give your radiator a quick sand - (nothing to strenuous). Sanding your radiator before hand creates some texture for your paint to bond to. Once done, take a tack cloth and give it a quick wipe to ensure all dust has been removed. 
  4. Time to paint! Resist the urge to lather it on, instead apply a thin coat, let it dry, lightly sand, wipe with your cloth and apply another layer. Three light coat should hopefully do the trick!

For a more detailed overview, check out our guide on How to Paint Your Radiator.

What tools do I need to paint a radiator?

Don't worry, painting your radiator doesnt require a tool box of tools and we've narrowed down the list to only 5 products for a quick and easy refresh. 

  • 2" Paint brush - this size of paint brush is a great size to help complete the job. To shop our collection of 2" paint brushes just click here
  • Tack Cloth
  • Zinsser Degreaser
  • De-nib pad 
  • Your paint of choice 

What kind of paint is best to use when painting a radiator?

Knowing what paint to use when painting a radiator can be a tough one, as there as so many different options out there. That's why we have narrowed down your search by only selecting paints that are purposely designed to work best on radiators. Our top picks include - 

Zinsser AllCoat - Not only do these paints come in ready mix colours, of black, white and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), you can also colour match them to any designer paint colour of your choice through using our 5* colour match paint service on our Zinsser Allcoat Colour Match Page.

Zinsser Allcoat is a water based paint that is scrubbable and self priming meaning that you wont have to prime separately before hand, this high quality paint does all the work for you in one coat.