Satin Finish Paint

Perfect for high traffic areas around your home, satin finish paint is commonly used on interior woodwork to give a professional finish. It is tough and hardwearing and we offer satin paint in colour match and ready mixed white giving you a large choice of colours.

Water-Based Satin Paint

Oil-Based Satin Paint

Satin Colour Match Paint

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As an extremely popular woodwork and metal paint, satin finish paint is ideal for use on wooden trim as well as other wooden surfaces. Stocking brands such as Leyland, Johnstone's, Tikkurila, Dulux, Zinsser and many more, they all offer satin finish paints which are highly durable.

Depending on your preference we offer both water-based & solvent-based (or oil-based) satin paints. Water-based paints are increasingly popularity as they don't contain the nasty additives that solvent-based satin paint does. They also leave low odour after painting, are quick drying & don't yellow over time like the solvent-based equivalents do.

Does Satin Paint Have a Sheen?

Satin is seen as a 'mid-sheen' finish which will reflect a bit of light. It is glossier than eggshell finishes but is not a shiny as gloss paints. The satin finish is generally seen as a stylish finish for woodwork and metal.  

What are the Main Benefits of Satin Finish Paint?

Satin finish paint is a staple finish for interior woodwork surfaces. It is more durable than matt paint and can be cleaned although we wouldn't recommend scrubbing too hard as it could remove some of the sheen.

The slight reflective aesthetic of satin finish paint adds light to a room as well as being good at hiding imperfections on your woodwork surfaces.

Where Should I Use Satin Paint?

Satin Finish Paint is most suitable for woodwork and metal and can be used on both interior or exterior surfaces depending on the type of paint. We would almost always recommend using satin paint on wooden trim such as doors, skirting boards, window frames and more.

Certain satin paints are also suitable for radiators but it is always best to check this before purchasing your paint. As a durable paint it can be used in high traffic areas. It can also be cleaned making it a versatile paint finish.

If you buy an exterior satin paint we recommend double checking the paint in question is suitable for the surface you want to paint.