Floor Protection

Whether you're tackling DIY or decorating, floor protection is essential for providing temporary protection of floors from paint, dirt and dust. Choose from our wide selection of paint floor protection from top brands including Q1,Prep and Trimaco.

Floor Protection

Using floor protection whilst decorating is an essential part of any preparation kit if you are looking to protect your flooring from splashes, spillages, paint and dust. With a wide selection of floor protection sheets to choose from in a range of sizes, we stock durable floor protector covers suitable for covering a range of surfaces including hardwood flooring, concrete and carpet. 

Our Popular Floor Protection Picks

Prep Carpet Protector Film - Designed to protect your carpet from dust, dirt & paint spills, this reusable floor protector is ready to use straight away and features a low tack adhesive backed film which is quick and easy to position into place. 

Q1 Floor Proboard Protection 900mmx45m - This reusable and environmentally friendly floor protector offers superior performance even in wet conditions. Ideal for using with theQ1 Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape , the Q1 Floor ProBoard Protection is available in the following size - 900mmx45m.

I'm looking for floor protection that's heavy duty and will be able to cope with a high level of impact, what do we recommend?

If you're looking for heavy duty floor protection then we recommend Trimaco Floorshell Heavy Duty Temporary Floor Protection. Easy to apply, these thick, yet lightweight boards are forklift strong and feature a Spill Block® technology that has been designed to protect against paint, mud, water and more.

How do you protect wood floors when painting?

Trying to remove paint after it's dried from a wooden surface is alot easier said that done and could cause long term damage. To protect your flooring, it is important that you use high quality paint floor protection to keep paint off your hardwood flooring.

How do you apply Floor Protection Sheets?

Before you begin it is important to determine how many rolls of floor protection sheets you are going to need to cover your surface. Next, roll out your sheets and cut to your desired lenght. To keep your floor protection in place use a hardwearing masking tape such as the Q1 Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape.