Paint Sprayers

Looking to make painting quicker and easier, try one of our Wagner paint sprayers. Our range of airless sprayers include professional spray machines and more basic DIY sprayers to suit your decorating needs.

Spraying is becoming increasingly popular with decorators due to the ease of applying and the extra time saved. Our range of Wagner paint sprayers features the XVLP range as well as the more basic FLEXiO sprayers.

The main benefits of paint spraying include the smooth even finish you get and the time saved rather than applying by brush or roller. The majority of paints from leading manufacturers is now designed to be suitable to apply with a paint spray gun.

At Decorating Centre Online we also have an extensive range of paint spray accessories available to enhance your spraying arsenal.

What Paint Can Be Used in a Paint Sprayer?

This largely depends on the type of paint you are looking to use. Most emulsions will be suitable for sprayer meaning large walls can be painted quickly. The majority of modern spray guns can spray oil-based paints and primers also but be sure to check the specification of the paint first. Certain paints may require thinning prior to use with a paint sprayer so again, be sure to check the paint specifications first.

What is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless paint spraying is a particular spray technology that uses material pressure without the air. Different spray tips lead to different flow rates and spray widths.

The advantage of airless spraying when used correctly is a smooth and even finish which doesn't leave streaks. The even finish is instantly noticeable when the spraying technique is mastered.

Are Paint Sprayers Better than Rollers?

If you are looking for a quick and even finish then spraying is definitely better, however, it does require an upfront cost for the purchase of the correct paint sprayer and time to learn how to use them effectively.

Sprayers are ideal when covered textured surfaces so are good for exterior walls, fences and sheds. They cover these areas extremely quickly and evenly meaning large areas can be covered in very little time.

Generally, we'd recommend DIY decorators to use rollers on interior surfaces as they require much less preparation time than sprayers but if you have a large exterior project then a paint sprayer may be the answer.