Silver Wallpaper

The ideal colour choice when brightening up your home, silver wallpaper is perfect for creating a soft and glamorous feel. Available in both plain and patterned designs, silver wallpaper will always remain a classically stylish and contemporary look.

With it's ability to provide a light and fresh feel to any room, silver wallpaper is the first choice when its come to brightening up a room. 

Available in both plain and patterned designs, in this collection of silver wallpapers we have selected wallcoverings perfect for being displayed throughout an entire room such as the Grasscloth Textured Silver Wallpaper and other's which are ideal for using as an eye catching feature wallpaper such as the Lemur Jungle Metallic Silver Wallpaper. Also known for its versatility and ability to work with other colourways, some of our favourite silver colour combinations are available in the collection such as navy and silver wallpaper, white and silver wallpaper and black and silver wallpaper. 

Silver wallpaper look beautifully paired with varying shades of grey, in a mix of fabrics, to create an overall glamorous and cosy look.

Our top 3 silver wallpaper ideas

With lots of silver wallpapers available in a large range of patterns and designs, we've selected our top 3 choices to help inspire you to transform your space into a glamorous and luxurious area you will love spending time in. 

Choose a wallpaper with light silver and grey tones - Selecting a wallpaper that features both light silver and grey tones is the perfect choice for creating a space that not only is cosy, but also gives depth and warmth to a classic colour scheme. Why not try out our Tropical palm Tree Leaf Wallpaper or the Giorgio Greek Key Soft Silver Wallpaper .

Go for a statement glitter - Glitter wallpapers are the ideal choice if you are looking to add a bold and glamorous statement to your interiors. Our luxury sparkle glitter silver wallpaperdoes exactly that and can be used in numerous room throughout your home including living room, bedroom or office.

Create an eye catching feature wall by adding a complimentary wallpaper colour - Wallpapers such as the Azzurra Botanical Leaf And Crane Wallpaper Silver And Navy and Safari Fusion Wallpaper are perfect for creating a feature in you home. Adding complimentary colours to a silver wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the way it can transform a room.

Can I order free wallpaper samples?

All wallpaper samples are available on our website for the majority of all designs. Your first two samples are completely free, whilst any after that are only 75p with free postage. To find out more about wallpaper sample service, just click here.

Where is the best place to hang silver wallpapers?

Thanks to wallpaper designs and finishes being so varied these days, our collection of silver wallpapers are suitable for hanging in the majority of rooms throughout your home. Whether that be a kitchen, hallway or bedroom in order to preserve their look and quality of your wallpaper, just make sure to always keep your care instructions on hand, and your wallpaper will continue to look as good as it did on the first day of installation.

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