Mirka Abranet

Mirka's dust-free innovation has reinvented sanding as Mirka Abranet Abrasives are the number one sanding choice for professionals. Abranet maximises efficiency and minimises costs and is available in sizes suitable for each Mirka sander

Buy Mirka Abranet Sanding Discs

Mirka Abranet is a unique net structure abrasive that enables quality dustless sanding. Abranet sanding discs or pads combined with Mirka sander kits are highly effective at removing dust particles providing a cleaner and healthier environment to work in, benefitting yourself and your customers.

Mirka Abranet delivers excellent results and is also highly resistant to colling which ensures optimal usage and cost effectiveness meaning you can get the most out of your Abranet discs. The come in various sizes, grits and pack quantities:

We stock sanding grits ranging from P80 (the most coarse) to P400 (finest grit) meaning you can alternate between jobs.

Why Use Mirka Abranet Abrasives?

Mirka was the first abrasives company in the world to develop a dust-free sanding system. Mirka Abranet is designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish.

As genuine Mirka replacement sanding pads, they are the highest quality abrasives for Mirka sanders. As they are compatible with Mirka Sanders, it makes sense to use them if you already have a Mirka sander. The Abranet pads are specifically designed to perform to the highest standard when used with other Mirka products.

The development of Mirka Abranet focuses on the needs of the individual customer and makes it the first choice in a variety of fields. The three main benefits of using Mirka Abranet Abrasives are:

Healthier Sanding - Sanding dust contains harmful particles which can lead to health problems. When used with Mirka tools, Abranet makes sure the sanding working environment is as safe as possible by minimizing the amount of harmful dust particles.

Long-Lasting - Designed to have a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, Mirka Abranet is based on market leading net-technology. As a result Abranet users save money as they need to replace the abrasive less often than non-Abranet users.

Professional & Fast Results - Developed to get the job done quickly and to a professional standard. Giving top performance for a longer period of time compared to other abrasives it is the most efficient sanding solution on the market.

How Effective Are Mirka Abranet Abrasives?

Mirka Abranet abrasives are much different and more effective than standard sandpaper. Due to the patented design with hundreds of small holes, small dust particles can easily transfer into your dust extractor.

Capturing my dust particles offers better control over your work and creates a healthier work environment but we would still recommend wearing protective gear. 

Mirka Abranet is also effective at preventing the clogging if your sander saving you time and money. Mirka’s Abranet solution is 99.97% effective at removing dust particles that are smaller than 0.3cm in size.

How To Use Mirka Abranet

Purchase the Mirka Abranet size compatible with your sander and in the grit you desire. The high quality sanding pads will attach to your backing pad easily and make sanding feel like a breeze.

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