Animal and Birds Wallpaper

Inspired by the wildlife surrounding us, our stunning collection of bird and animal wallpaper will bring a sense of the wild to your walls. Featuring lots of bold prints and colours, these designs are perfect for adding a fresh modern vibe to your home.

Our collection of bird and animal wallpapers are a great way to express your personality and create a statement feature within your home. 

Bird and Animal wallpapers have come a long way, and are now amongst the most popular wallpaper styles that there is out there today. With lots of striking designs and colours to choose from, this selection of wallpapers can be used in very stylish ways.

Our top 3 ways to use animal wallpaper in your home

Animal wallpaper can be used in lots of different ways in our homes, so we've decided to highlight our top 3 suggestions to let your homes wild side shine. 

  1. Use cute and minimalist animals wallpaper - Not everyone wants to go too wild when it comes to using animal wallpaper. So instead, if you are looking for a cute and subtle wallpaper print to use in a Nursery, playroom or children's bedroom then we have some great suggestions including the Sumatran Wallpaper Dove/Silver and the Bambino Animal Kingdom Wallpaper. 
  2. Go animal crazy with an eye catching feature wall- Create the ultimate wallpaper statement in your home and choose a wallpaper displaying your favourite feline, some of our favourites include the Prowling Leopard Print Wallpaper and Tiger Animal Printed Black and Gold Wallpaper. 
  3. Go for a classic woodland theme- Woodland themed animal wallpapers are perfect for creating a relaxed and charming feel. Featuring woodland animals, wild leaves and trees, the whimsical wallpaper are perfect for using on feature walls or displaying throughout an entire room. A favourite of ours here at DCO is the Woodland Animal Wallpaper. 

Some helpful tips for decorating your home with bird wallpaper

Liking the look of an animal wallpaper but not sure if there a little bit too wild when it comes to decorating your home, then why not try one of our bird wallpaper designs. Bird wallpapers are super versatile and are sure to create a super stylish impact in your home. 

  • Add a glamorous addition to your dining room with a tropical bird wallpaper - Dining rooms are a great room for having a little bit of fun in, so why not try and add an opulent style wallpaper. This style of wallpaper is ideal for creating the ultimate instant impression with hints of elegant gold geometric patterns running throughout.
  • Brighten up your entrance hall with a peacock bird wallpaper - Hallways are all about creating an instant impression and wowing your guests as soon as they walk through your front door. Known as a space that doesn't receive much natural light, opting for a light, bright wallpaper such as the Menali Glitter Peacock Wallpaper is a perfect choice to really brighten up your hallway.

Needing a little more animal wallpaper inspo? 

We have tons of home decor inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest, and you can always contact us. Whether you have product related queries, or if you would simply like a second opinion on your wallpaper options, we’re always happy to offer our expert advice.