Anaglypta Wallpapers

A beautifully designed traditional wallpaper, our collection of Anaglypta wallpapers are perfect for adding a touch of texture to your walls. Available in a wide range of designs, these stylish wallcoverings are ideal for painting over, allowing you to put your own stamp in your newly decorated space.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

One of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands, Anaglypta (Established in 1887) is suitably known as the home of paintable wallpaper offering a wide range of designs. Blending Anaglypta’s unique style with the best materials available, this stylish range of wallcoverings range from vintage to comtemporary making them suitable for every interior style. 

Are Paintable Wallpapers a popular choice?

Paintable wallpapers are perfect for putting your own stamp in a space. Not only can you use your own personalisation and creativity, you can also choose your own desired finish and use in whatever way you want. Paintable wallpaper can also be touched up or repainted as needed meaning there is no need to tear it down if you want to change the colour a few years down the line. 

If your walls suffer from discolouration, cracks or holes, paintable wallpapers like Anaglypta are the ideal solution for covering up imperfections whilst also adding a touch of texture and durability to your walls.

Do you need to prime your Anaglypta wallpaper before painting?

Primer is not necessarily needed before painting over your Anaglypta wallpaper unless you are looking to achieve a paticular effect or finish. In most cases, paintable wallpaper is ready for you to paint–whatever color you choose. In some cases, using primer over these types of wallpapers may fill in some of the detailing, causing you to lose some of the unique design and the desired impact on your walls. 

Top tips when using Anaglypta wallpaper

Anaglypta wallpaper in theory is no more difficult to hang than any other type of wallpaper when you closely follow the hanging instructions on the packaging. An extremely durable and sturdy wallpaper, the key to ensuring you ge the most out of your Anaglypta wallcovering is making sure that you do not oversaturate it with paint and ensure that you allow an adequate drying time to achieve the best result. 

How to use Anaglypta in your home?

An extremely versatile and design led wallpaper, Anaglypta is being discovered by a whole new generation as a great product to bring colour and design to walls and ceilings. Below are a few ways we think Anaglypta wallpaper will work perfectly in your home - 

Create an eye catching feature wall- With a beautiful collection of designs to choose from, Anaglypta wallpaper is a great choice for using on an feature wall. Either leave it plain or simply paint it any colour that gives you just the level of impact you want. 

Go maximalist with your pattern choice - If you are looking to create a statement with your Anaglypta wallpaper, why not choose a standout design that you can use throughout an entire room. Two of our favourite designs, Anaglypta Luxury Egon Vinyl Wallpaper White and Anaglypta Luxury Edwardian Panel Wallpaper are great choices for creating an instant impact.