Go! Paint

Designed to make the life of a professional decorator easier and much more efficient, Go! Paint have designed a wide range of decorating tools and products that help to solve specific painting problems. Shop our Go!Paint collection below.


Recognised for their solutions to problems faced every day by professional decorators, Go!Paint have made it their mission to produce a wide variety of products that will make painting and decorator quicker, easier and much more efficent.

Popular Go!Paint Products

Go!Paint Roll and Go Roller Trays

Available in a range of sizes to suit your decorating tools, the Go!Paint roll and go roller trays are made from recycled plastics and feature a a sloped rolling surface ensuring that the paint is perfectly distributed across your roller. Available with matching tray liners making paint clean up quick and easy, these lightweight roller trays are available in the following sizes:

Go!Paint Clean and Go

Make cleaning your brushes quick and easy with the Go!Paint Clean and Go. A more eco friendlyway to clean your brushes, this fast brush cleaning system works by filling the product with Go!Paint Brush Cleaner or water and flexing the brush firmly over the grid for around 20 seconds, the paint particles are then collected in a bag under the sieve, meaning you can keep using the cleaning fluid for longer, saving you both time and money.

Go!Paint Economy 4" Paint Grid

Helping you to achieve the perfect finish every time, the Go!Paint economy 4" paint grid features a specially designed roller grid helping to ensure that the perfect distribution of paint goes onto your roller. The large holes in the rolling surrface allows paint to drop back into your roller tray meaning you don't lose any paint.

Where Can I Buy Go!Paint products?

You can buy a wide variety of Go!Paint directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred product, add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer standard free delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.