Silk Paint

Featuring a high sheen level, silk paint is a great option if you're looking to provide a lighter, more spacious feel to a room. Providing a highly durable finish that perfect for high traffic areas within your home, silk paint is an ideal choice for your walls & ceilings.

What is Silk Paint?

Providing your surfaces with a beautiful reflective finish, Silk Paint is a great choice for your walls & ceilings. Suitable for using throughout a number of rooms in your home including a living room, hallway and kitchen, silk paint delivers a durable and easy to clean finish making it a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Popular Silk Paint 

Leyland Trade Vinyl Silk - A high quality and easy to use paint, the Leyland Trade Vinyl Silk dries to an attractive mid-sheen finish. Featuring a touch dry time of 1-2 hours, this interior paint is a great choie for your walls & ceilings. We have also Leyland Trade Vinyl Silk - Colour Match available, meaning you can have this stunning paint finish in the designer colour of your choice. 

Johnstone's Trade Vinyl Silk - Providing your walls & ceilings with a high quality silk finish, this silk emulsion paint is durable, washable and fade resisting. Available in briliant white, we also have the Johnstone's Trade Vinyl Silk - Colour Match if you'd rather have a pop of colour. 

How Long Does Silk Paint Take To Dry?

In most cases silk paint is touch dry in around 1-2 hours. If applying further coats we advise leaving around 3-4 hours.

How Many Coats of Silk Paint Should I Apply?

For optimum results we advise applying around 2-3 coats to your chosen surface. Once you have applied your first 2 coats and have allowed it to dry, take a look to see if the old paint is showing through, if this is still the case then apply a 3rd coat. 

Which Surfaces Can Silk Paint Be Used On?

Silk paint can be used on a number of surfaces, some of the most popular include walls, ceilings, concrete, cement rendering,
brickwork and blockwork.

Is Silk Paint Washable?

Yes, silk paint is known for being durable and featuring a washable finish. Washable paint is when you can wipe down your walls down with a damp cloth without marking or scuffing the paint.