Zinsser Paint & Primers

Providing paints and primers to professionals for over 150 years, Zinsser remains at the forefront of decorating, delivering world class products that meet "real world" challenges.

Zinsser has established itself as a brand associated with unique, problem-solving products that address the needs of professional contractors and DIYers.

Delivering an extensive list of specialist paints, primers and B-I-N Products in a range of different sizes, Zinsser prime and sealing range  includes options for both interior and exterior surfaces not only offering excellent drying times and coverage, but also the highest quality of adhesion delivering the smoothest of surfaces ready for painting. 

Established in 1849 by William Zinsser, the company has been producing high quality paint product for over 150 years and leading the way in innovation and performance. Creating and developing completely new paints, Zinsser are a revolutionary paint manufacturer who seek to fulfil the needs of professionals and contractors.

Most Popular Zinsser Products

Zinsser Allcoat Paint - Our most popular Zinsser product that we stock, Allcoat is a multi surface paint which is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of projects. Typically used for exterior projects, we also recommend the Zinsser Allcoat for interior woodwork projects like painting furniture, skirting boards and more as well as radiators.

Available in matt, satin & gloss finishes you'll be sure to find the perfect look for your home or exterior. Allcoat can be tinted into almost any colour you desire or it is also available in ready mixed white, black & anthracite grey.

It is an extremely durable paint which requires two coats - the first acts an undercoat and the second as a top coat to give you a professional finish every time.

Zinsser BIN Primer - The go-to primer for decorators. We recommend Zinsser BIN for so many different projects and surfaces. It is quick-drying meaning it can be recoated or painted over extremely quickly. The BIN acts as a primer, sealer and stain killer which will permanently block odours.

It can be used on walls, ceilings, doors and many other surfaces as well as for spot priming on exterior metal, trims, PVC & wood. The Zinsser BIN is available in various sizes and comes in white or grey.

Zinsser Perma-White - A fantastic bathroom paint that has a Class 1 Scrub Rating. Available in matt or satin finishes, the Zinsser Perma White contains a biocide that protects the paint against fungal growth. This makes the paint ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas subject to high level of humidity. It is also good for rooms with regular changes in temperature and poor air circulation.

The Zinsser Perma White is resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering making it extremely durable and it can last up to 7 years before the need for first maintenance. 

It is tintable into thousands of different colours so you can give your bathroom the protection it needs while painting it the colour you desire.

Zinsser BIN Aqua Primer

The newest Zinsser primer on the block, Zinsser BIN Aqua Primer is a fully water based primer that is suitable for using both inside and out. Featuring a super quick touch dry time of only 25 minutes and a total recoat time of 45 minutes , it can be used on a wide variety of problem surfaces including metals, wood, walls and glossy surfaces such as tiles and varnished surfaces.

A multi-purpose primer, Zinsser BIN Aqua has been purposely designed to effectively prime, seal, block stains & lock in problem odours such as nicotine. A kinder choice for the environment, the water-based formula contains only Trace levels of VOCs (0.1%) and can also be easily applied through a number of applications including paint brush, roller and airless sprayer.