Morris and Co Paint

Featuring a beautifully crafted collection of paint that upholds the legacy of William Morris, the Morris & Co paint collection has been tailor-made for every budding craftsperson. Featuring two authentic finishes including a sumptuous chalky matt and a wonderfully versatile water based eggshell, you'll be spoilt for choice with this stunning colour palette.

Morris and Co Paint

One of the single most influential figures of the nineteenth century, William Morris was a political theorist, publisher, environmental campaigner alongside a brilliant designer. Under his direction and guidance, Morris and Co quickly grew into a fashionable Arts & Crafts decorating firm renowned for its wallpapers and textiles. 

Fast forward to today, the Morris and Co brand is now looked after by the Sanderson design group who build on that proud heritage with inventive reimaginations of Morris & Co. classics.

Upholding the impeccable standard of craftsmanship which has defined all Morris & Co. products since their inception, Sanderson design group designs are inspired by treasures in the Morris & Co. archive.

Popular Morris and Co Paint colours

Featuring a timeless collection of 40 beautiful colours, Morris and Co paint collection has been hand mixed by expert craftspeople who ensure to uphold the legacy of its founder. Some of our favourite colours include:

Morris and Co Paint - Sunflower - One of the warmest colours in the Morris and Co Paint collection, sunflower is a stunning golden yellow that would work beautifully on both walls and woodwork. 

Morris and Co Paint - Tump - The stunning Morris & Co colourway Tump perfectly captures the verdant green colour of dense vegetation and natural themes. A statement colourway, this stunning green paint shade is available in both a chalky matt and eggshell. 

Morris and Co Paint - Strawberry Thief - A beautiful and rich bright strawberry colour, this stunning red paint shade is available in both eggshell and chalky matt and is even available in a 60ml chalky matt tester pot, the perfect way of checking your colour choice is exactly what you’re looking for.

Morris and Co Paint - Fired Biscuits - The light brownish colour of clay before it has been fired known as biscuit is the perfect way of describing our Fired Biscuit paint. A beautiful neutral paint shade, Fired Biscuits would make a beautiful addition to a number of surfaces within your home including walls, woodwork and metal. 

Our top tips when applying Morris and Co Paint

How to prepare your surfaces:

Before application can begin, all surfaces should be clean, dry and free from loose, flaking material including dirt and grease. Base surfaces should be primed with an appropriate primer, whilst any previously glossed painted surfaces should be rubbed down with a fine waterproof abrasive paper. (Wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding). Special
precautions should be taken during preparation of pre-1960’s paint
surfaces as they may contain harmful lead.

Applying Morris & Co Paint:

Stir paint tin well before and apply using a brush or roller. For optimum results, apply 2 coats however additional coats may be required on new plaster or where a larger colour change is desired.

What paint finishes are available in the Morris and Co paint range?

The Morris and Co paint range is made up of two popular finishes, they include:

Chalky Matt: A beautifully flat paint with a minimal sheen, Morris and Co chalky matt is the perfect choice for using on your walls and ceilings. 

Eggshell: A wonderfully versatile and water-based eggshell paint, this stunning Morris and Co paint finish is ideal for using on a range of surfaces including walls, woodwork and metal surfaces.