Scrubbable Matt Colour Match

A beautifully flawless flat matt paint, our collection of Scrubbable Matt colour match paints are perfect for using on walls and ceilings, delivering a tough, durable and scrubbable finish.

Buy Scrubbable Matt Paint Online

For painting high traffic areas, we would always recommend using a scrubbable paint to give you that extra protection from bumps and marks on your wall. If you are worried about marks appearing on your walls then it is well worth using scrubbable paint.

We offer scrubbable matt paints in colour match, meaning they can be tinted into thousands of designer colours. Just type in your colour & brand of choice into the free text field on your chosen paint and we'll match and mix it for you. In the unlikely event we can't mix a specific colour, our fantastic and dedicated customer service team will advise on the close colour alternatives.

Almost all of the paint brands we offer on our website have a scrubbable matt paint including Leyland Trade, Johnstone's Trade, Tikkurila, Dulux Trade & Crown Trade. Therefore, we are confident we can give you the colour you desire in a scrubbable matt finish in your favourite brand.

What is Scrubbable Paint?

Paint that will withstand being cleaned or scrubbed after its has been graised or marked. To define if a paint is scrubbable or not it will usually have a scrub rating.

The scrub rating is tested under the Class 1 ISO 11998 Test which evaluates the resistance of the paint to repeated cleaning. It is measured by the amount of paint that has been lost from the surface.

If a paint is classed as 'scrubbable', it should be able to be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water and not visually damage the finish of the paint.

Where Should I Use Scrubbable Matt Paint?

The added durability is ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and children's bedrooms or nursery's. Scrubbable Matt paint is generally best used on walls and ceilings but some are suitable for woodwork.

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