Wood Fillers and Wood Putty

Provide your wood with the ultimate smooth surface with our selection of wood fillers and putty. Designed to fill holes, cracks and repair imperfections on all types of wood, we stock a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every DIY project. Choose from our range of top woodcare brands including Toupret, Osmo & Ronseal.

Wood Fillers & Wood Putty

Designed to provide your wooden surfaces with a smooth and flawless finish, our collection of wood fillers and putty are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit whatever your DIY project may be.

Wood Fillers can be used on a wide range of interior and exterior wooden surfaces including skirting boards, doors, furniture and window frames and are extremely useful for hiding holes, filling small and large cracks and repairing damaged wood surfaces. 

Stocking some of the biggest brands when it comes to woodcare and woodcare fillers including Toupret, Osmo, Ronseal & Repair Care, we here at DCO continue to be the home of choice for every decorator. 

Popular Wood Fillers

Toupret Wood Filler (Ready to Use)

Easy and ready to use, the Toupret Wood Filler is suitable for using on both interior and exterior surfaces. Designed to work with all paints and coatings, Toupret Wood Filler is white in colour, low odour and can be applied in a number of ways including a filling knife or filling blade.

Osmo Interior Wood Filler 

Available in a wide range of colours to suit your surface, the Osmo Interior Wood Filler has been designed to preserve individual character whilst also remaining versatile, multi-purpose and easy to use. Featuring a super quick drying time of 30 minutes, the Osmo water based filler is suitable for using on both small and larger cracks. 

Repair Care DRY FLEX 4

Designed to provide permanent repair for both decayed and damaged wooden surfaces, the Repair Care DRY FLEX 4 is part of a 2 part component and features excellent modelling qualities. Suitable for using both internally and externally, this Repair Care wood filler features a quick drying time of 4 hours and can be used on a wide range of wooden surfaces including window frames, door and furniture.

How Do You Apply Wood Filler?

Before applying wood filler, it is important to ensure that your surfaces have been correctly prepared. To begin, use a damp cloth and gently wipe away any excess dirt or dust.

Using a filling knife or filing blade, apply the wood filler to the hole or crack, scraping off any excess. Once the wood filler has been left to dry for the appropriate amount of time, sand your surface ensuing that you are following the same direction as the wood grain and wipe down with a tack cloth. 

What Is Wood Putty? And How Does It Differ To Wood Filler?

Wood Putty is known for being slightly more denser than wood filler. Easy to apply with a putty knife, the main differences between the two include:

  • Wood Putty doesnt harden like wood filler
  • Wood Putty cannot be sanded unlike wood filler which can
  • Wood Putty cannot be stained, however they are a number of colour variations available. 

Designed to cover holes such as nail holes and nicks on surfaces, wood putty is suitable for using on a number of wooden surfaces including furniture, flooring and interior and exterior woodwork.

Popular Wood Putty Picks

Toupret Glazing Putty 

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, the Toupret Glazing Putty can be used and applied to a wide range of previously primed woods for single glaze fitting. Long lasting and flexible, this Toupret putty will not crack or stick to your hands whilst you work.

Bartoline Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty

Made up from a traditional blend of high-quality linseed oil and fillers, the Bartoline Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty is available in both a 1kg and 2kg tub. Specially formulated for glazing both wood and metal window frames, this Bartoline wood putty is easy to apply and can be used as a general wood filler.

Where Can I Buy Wood Fillers?

All of our wood filler range is available on next day delivery if selected. With such a wide variety of products and colours on offer you can get all of your wood coatings from us with rapid delivery.