With unrivalled experience in the decorating supplies industry, Wooster are constantly growing in popularity in the UK market. First established in 1851, Wooster have over 170 years expertise in manufacturing paint brushes, rollers, and other decorating essentials.

Based in Ohio, USA, Wooster are able to offer premium quality products at a competitive price point for UK decorators. The professional brushes can be used for a vareity of projects and they continue to design new products and innovate in the market.

With a full range of decorating supplies available, Wooster have tools for all your jobs. Their range of paint brushes include the top quality Chinex brushes, Ultra/Pro & Gold Edge brushes.

Wooster's flagship product is the Pelican Handheld Pail, making decorating in hard to reach areas easy. The Pelican also has Liner Trays and a Lid which can be bought separately to complete the set.

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  1. Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Brush
    Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Brush
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