Delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation, Wooster paint brushes, rollers & decorating tools are available in a variety of sizes, available to suit your specific painting needs. Suitable for anyone to use, Wooster products have been produced for decorators of all skill levels, from DIY'ers to professional decorators.

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With unrivalled experience in the decorating supplies industry, Wooster are constantly growing in popularity in the UK market. First established in 1851, Wooster have over 170 years expertise in manufacturing paint brushes, rollers, and other decorating essentials.

Based in Ohio, USA, Wooster are able to offer premium quality products at a competitive price point for UK decorators. The professional brushes can be used for a vareity of projects and they continue to design new products and innovate in the market.

With a full range of decorating supplies available, Wooster have tools for all your jobs. Their range of paint brushes include the top quality Chinex brushes, Ultra/Pro & Gold Edge brushes.

Our Top Wooster Product Picks

Wooster's flagship product is the Pelican Handheld Pail, making decorating in hard to reach areas easy. The Pelican also has Liner Trays and a Lid which can be bought separately to complete the set.

Wooster Sherlock Bucket Tray - Made from a durable green polypropylene, the Wooster Sherlock Bucket tray acts as both a paint bucket and roller tray. This handy tool also features a 14-inch wide roll-off grid and a 4.5 litre paint holding capacity.

Wooster Sherlock 9" Paint Roller Frame - Designed to provide long lasting use, the Sherlock roller frame not only is heavy duty but also features an internal frame bearing delivering super smooth rolling whilst eliminating fraying and shank wear.

Wooster Super-Fab 9 inch Masonry Roller Sleeve - Ideal for painting rough surfaces, the Wooster Super Fab masonry roller sleeve features an extra long pile and a golden yellow knitted polyester fabric providing unrivalled paint holding capacity and resistant to matting.

The Wooster Guide on picking the perfect paint brush size for your painting project:

Picking the perfect paint brush size for your project is super important in helping to achieve the perfect all round finish. Below is Woosters quick guide to help make this difficult decision much easier: 

  • 1"/1.5" (Angle or Flat) - Delicate areas, Tight corners, Hobbies & Crafts. 
  • 2"/2.5" (Angle Sash) - Window frames, Mouldings, Cutting in edges of walls & ceilings. 
  • 2"/2.5" - Cabinets, Furniture, Stairs & Railings. 
  • 3"/ 4" - Decks. Fences, Masonry, Walls, Ceilings & Doors.

How should you load your Wooster paintbrush?

To get the most out of your paintbrush when painting, simply dip your paintbrush about a third or halfway into the paint (Avoiding putting the entire paintbrush into the paint). Allow the excess paint to drip, then lightly tap the paintbrush against the interior wall of the can. As you paint, make sure to keep a wet edge ensuring that you use long, smooth strokes and refill the brush whenever the paint starts to break up without covering the surface properly.

How should you load your Wooster roller sleeve?

Before you begin, thoroughly mix the paint, then pour some in the well of the tray ensuring that you do not overfil the tray, remember you will need room to roll excess paint onto the tray’s roll-off area. When it comes to getting the most out of your roller sleeve, drag some paint with the edge of the cover from the tray well back onto the roll-off area. Roll it on the grid toward the well using several quick forward strokes, then drag more paint back with the cover. Continue until it is completely saturated but not dripping. Patience is key when it comes to loading your Wooster roller sleeve, as it will take a couple of minutes for the paint to reach the rollers core.

Where Can I Buy Wooster?

You can buy a wide variety of Wooster directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred product, add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.