Woodwork Paint

Shop our huge range of wood paint, available to purchase in a variety of colours. Suitable for using on an extensive list of wooden surfaces such as wooden furniture, doors and cupboards, this collection is filled with protective finishes that have been designed to protect and preserve your wood for years to come.

When it comes to painting woodwork, it can be difficult to know which paint to choose. With a number of different woodwork paint finishes and brands available on the market, we've selected the best. We have high quality paints suitable for woodwork in our Dulux Trade, Leyland Trade, Johnstone's Trade, Tikkurila ranges plus many more.

Traditionally, most woodwork around the home would be painted white, however, as trends develop we know people are choosing different colours. That's why at Decorating Centre Online we offer a variety of different woodwork paints in our colour match service.

Which Finish Should I Choose for Painting Woodwork?

A range of different finishes are suitable for painting woodwork but the most common is a satin finish. A satin finish sits between matt and gloss in sheen level and is hardwearing so is perfect for wood projects in high traffic areas. Our most popular satin woodwork paints are the Zinsser Allcoat Satin & Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin.

There are also woodwork paints available in matt, eggshell & gloss finishes giving you plenty of choice.

Water vs. Oil-Based Woodwork Paints

A constant debate between decorators is whether to use water-based or oil-based (solvent-based) paint when painting wood surfaces. There are positives for both and ultimately it depends on preference.

We would always recommend choosing a water-based woodwork paint as it won't leave a strong odour after painting and also it won't yellow over time which are both disadvantages of oil-based paint.

Benefits of water-based wood paint:

  • Dries Quickly
  • Leaves low odour
  • Won't yellow over time - less maintenance
  • Quick and easy clean-up

Benefits of Oil-based wood paint:

  • Extremely durable
  • Smooth flow making it easy to apply 

How Often Should I Paint Woodwork?

Due to the durable nature of woodwork paints, your wooden surfaces should last many years without the need for repainting. This does depend on the wooden surfaces likelihood of receiving bumps and scrapes over time.

It also depends on the paint used previously. Oil-based paint may need repainting as it has started to yellow. Ultimately, a variety of factors can when woodwork should be painted.

Do I Need a Primer or Undercoat When Painting Woodwork?

The chances are yes they will require at least one of the two but they are used for different reasons. Primers are key to be used if the condition of the woodwork you are painting isn't good. Stained, or powdery surfaces should be painted with a primer prior to the use of traditional woodwork paint. 

Primers should also be used on bare wood as they promote the adhesion of woodwork paint giving you a much higher quality finish. We stock a large variety of primers at Decorating Centre Online.

Undercoats should be used on previously painted surfaces as they create a neutral base for new colours to be used. Undercoats provide a strong barrier for your woodwork and give a professional looking finish.