Black Wallpaper

A daring choice, Black Wallpaper can help to add a sense of depth and elegance to any space. Perfect to use in bedrooms, offices, entertaining rooms or living rooms, black wallpaper is also the perfect choice for building contrasts, allowing bold colours to really pop.

Black Wallpaper

A daring, glamorous and sophisticated choice, Black wallpaper is an easy and brilliant staple colour to build upon for any room in your home. We offer a variety of designs, including plain, dark black, black and white stripe, dalmatian spots or any other pattern you can think of.

With endless options on how to style it, black wallpaper can be used to create a timeless feature wall or can also be paired with both bold and neutral colourways, allowing them to really pop and create a focal point within your favourite room. With lots of different prints and patterns to choose from, including white and black wallpapers, black glitter wallpapers & marble black wallpapers - we have something to suit every interior style. 

Working particularly well in both bedrooms & living rooms - providing the effect of an intimate space, black wallpaper allows you the opportunity to style with beautifully simple neutral coloured furniture, wall art, wall murals or better yet, bold and eye-catching statement pieces to help really create an impact. 

Convinced You To Give Black Wallpaper A Go?

Why not try out some samples first and get a real feeling for the designs we have on offer! As massive black wallpaper fans here at Decorating Centre Online we think you're going to love it as much as we do!

Looking for a more plainly designed black wallpaper to get you started? Then why not try out our Cane Webbing Panel Black Wallpaper or the Wood Panelling Faux Effect Black Wallpaper

Fancy trying something a bit bolder or wanting to create a feature statement wall? Then we have the perfect options, try our Wonderland Jungle & Botanical Black Wallpaper, Durham Black and Grey Brick Wallpaper, Distinctive Metallic Liquid Marble Black Wallpaper or the Comoro Tropical Window Design Black Wallpaper

What colour goes with black wallpaper?

Black is the perfect shade to combine with almost any colour, from teal to brown, and any design, from stone to stripe. When choosing which colours to combine your black wallpaper with, you should consider the existing colours of any furniture in the room. If there are already bright, bold colours in the room, then combining your black wallpaper with brighter coloured paints or wallpapers can work well. If you have a lot of neutral colours in your room, then combine with other muted shades.

Order your perfect black wallpaper from Decorating Centre Online, available in a wide variety of shades and designs by leading brands such as Holden, AS Creation and Laura Ashley.

Black and White Wallpaper