Interior & exterior paint for use on different surfaces available in matt, satin & gloss finishes. Bedec Paint is available for next day delivery!

As one of the pioneers in the paint and decorative coatings industry, Bedec Paints have 40 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing top quality water based paints. With their manufacturing situated in the UK, Bedec paint are known for producing extremely durable exterior paint that is weatherproof even in harsh conditions.

Bedec paint specialise in water based paints due to the environmental benefits and quick drying nature. The versatility of Bedec paint is recognised throughout the industry and many professionals use Bedec products for all exterior projects.

The paints are specifically developed and tested by a team of chemists who know paint inside out. Constantly striving to create better quality paint, Bedec paints have a fantastic reputation as being a market leading paint brand.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint

Bedec Multi Surface Paint can be used for almost any exterior paint project. Designed to not require a primer before using the Bedec MSP will save you time and money. Being water-based it is a naturally low VOC product which can be used both on exterior and interior surfaces.

The paint film from the Bedec Multi Surface Paint is microporous and breathable and it resists flaking and cracking in most conditions. The quick drying paint is able to be recoated after 4 hours (depending on conditions), meaning two coats can easily be applied in a day if required. 

Available in ready mixed colours, at Decorating Centre Online you can get the MSP in White, Black or Anthracite Grey. For more specialist projects the Bedec MSP is available in gold and silver. More colours are available on request.

What surface can I use the Bedec Multi Surface Paint on?

This paint is commonly used on exterior wood, metal and brickwork surfaces. However, there are a multitude of other substrates it can be successfully applied to. These include concrete, rendering, asbestos, bitumen, iron, aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, slate, most plastics, fiberglass, and cement fibre board. It is also suitable for weathered substrates such as creosote, bitumen, galvanising and plastic coated cladding.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint is extremely good projects such as painting your garage door, painting your garden shed or fence and interior & exterior furniture. This is because the Bedec Paint creates a protective layer keeping the surface safe from the elements.

What finishes does the Bedec Multi Surface Paint come in?

It is available in matt, satin and gloss finishes in a range of sizes.