Plain and Textured Wallpaper

Stylish, modern and utterly versatile, add a touch of elegance to your home with our range of Plain & Textured wallpapers. Ideal for coordinating perfectly with all of our patterned wallpapers, we have something suitable for every room.

The ideal choice for those who don't want to add too much brightness or colour to a room, our collection of plain and textured wallpapers add a touch of serenity to your walls, and help to turn your busy home into one of calm and peacefulness. 

Split into two sections, plain wallpaper and textured wallpaper, our selection of plain colour wallpapers are perfect for adding warmth and depth without distracting from other accessories and furniture displayed within the room. Versatile plain background wallpapers with very subtle metallic hints are great for coordinating with a range of colour schemes, and are also ideal for mixing and matching with printed wallpapers to bring a feeling of sophistication to any room. 

Our second section, is our wonderful selection of textured wallpaper, these wallpapers are the perfect choice if you are wanting to add extra depth and definition to your walls. Textured wallpaper are also ideal for hiding imperfections on your walls making them seem smooth and flawless. Our extensive collection of textured wallpapers offer detailed and wonderfully designed wallcoverings, whilst also providing colourful textured options which are great for adding a subtle, eye catching detail. 

  1. Amalfi Sequin Effect Italian Vinyl Wallpaper Taupe
    Amalfi Sequin Effect Italian Vinyl Wallpaper
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  2. Linen Texture Wallpaper
    Linen Texture Wallpaper
    From £10.49 £8.74
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